This project started on may 2005. Check out all the transformation of a simple garage to an amazing private Game Room...
  Owner : Darth Nuno
  Location : BELGIUM


  Since summer 2001, Fred caught a terrible desease. He call it 'ArcadeFever'... see the result inside his private Game Room...
  Owner : Fred (ArcadeFever)
  Location : Miami - USA

  Check out all the construction phases of the HUGE Sonic's Game Room called 'Yesteraday'... Very Impressive !
  Owner : Sonic
  Location : Texas - USA

  Game Room features several rooms, each one dedicated to a specific theme or age : classic games, pinballs, japanese
  games ... a must see !
  Owner : Greg (MisterIddler)
  Location : Paris - FRANCE

  A new private Game Room is born... The room is huge... not a lof of games yet, but this will be fixed soon.
  Various games for all the family : pinballs, arcade, pool, dart, babyfoot... and more to come...
  Owner : Pat
  Location : BELGIUM

  Nice private Game Room in Belgium including nice lighting effects^^
  Owner : Jof
  Location : BELGIUM