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Dragon's Lair  - design & sketches                                                                




Set of original animators copies of UNPUBLISHED DESIGNS & SKETCHES



Dragon's Lair / Space Ace -  pins                                                                



by Magicom Inc.



Don Bluth Animation - Fan Club Newsletter                                                    


Official Newsletter of The Don Bluth Animation Fan Club.
Summer 1983 Volume One - Number One . One A3 sheet (printed on both side)



Dragon's Lair - metal lunch box                                                                   

by Aladdin Industries inc
Nashville, Tenn. U.S.A. 37210



Dragon's Lair - story book                                                                          


Produced and Illustrated by Don Bluth Studios designed and written by Dan Juenster and Patrick Johnson, 1983.



Dragon's Lair - board game                                                                         



Milton Bradley's Dragon's Lair board game



Space Ace - the flip books                                                                         


set of 3 Space Ace original 1983 FLIP BOOKS and from the Don Bluth Studios. These were used by the studio as promos for the popular animated Laser Disc TV Video Game. Each book is an animated scene from the game in black and white.



Space Ace - Collector pictures                                                                    


Set of 8 'in game'  pictures printed on quality photopaper.



Dragon's Lair - card game                                                                        


These cards came with sets of Dragon's Lair cards and are very hard to find as they were usually played. You would lay out the cards so that they provided a "path" and then using a coin you would scratch your way along the path accumulating points or skulls which would eventually knock you out of the game. A very low-tech solution to what at the time was a high-tech game.



Dragon's Lair - coloring Book "Dirk the Daring Battles the Giddy Goons"              


Coloring book made by Marvel's Books. There is three different Dragon's Lair coloring books released.



SPACE ACE - toys                                                                                    

Rocket Gun                          Dart Invader                   Robot Playsetd

   Self-Inking Stamp Set                  Ball Blaster                  Space Weapons  

Made in Hong Kong /  Larami Corp



SPACE ACE - a coloring book                                                                      


Coloring book made by Golden. 50 pages.



SPACE ACE - pins                                                                                      


Made in 1994 I presume, for the release of SPACE ACE cd-i version.



STARCADE : Dragon's Lair show in vhs                                                            


STARCADE's Dragon's Lair show was #99 in the series. Its was produced in Dec. 83 and aired the first time on WTBS, "The Super Station" in Jan.84



Dragon's Lair 3D - promotional postcard                                                       


Promotional Postcard of Dirk the Daring and Princess Daphne from Dragon's Lair, given to the media at E3 2002 in Los Angeles. The postcard was given out by Digital Leisure to promote the highly anticpated game of the 2003, Dragon's Lair 3D for the Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft XBOX.



Dragon's Lair 3D - action figures                                                                 


Introducing the Premier Series of Dragonís Lair 3D Action Figures These classic arcade characters come to life for the first time in high quality action figures.
Created by: SCULPT THIS
Produced by: ANJON INC.
Distributed by: DIGITAL LEISURE



Dragon's Lair 3D - strategy guide                                                                 


Special biographies for Dragon's Lair wizards: Don Bluth, Rick Dyer, and Gary Goldman
In-depth walkthrough for all levels, including Castle Depths, Deathly Disc, and Impossible Room
Tips on locating all items
Proven strategy for slaying all monsters
Effective strategies for maneuvering Dirk the Daring
Complete history of Dragon's Lair



SPACE ACE - Tshirt                                                                                    


t-shirt made by PongNation , unofficial item but looks great :-)



Dragon's Lair Blu-Ray - promotional postcard                                                 


Promo postcard from Digital Leisure



Dragon's Lair - the notepad                                                                        


Promo notepad from ReadySoft (now Digital Leisure)



Dragon's Lair 3D - door hanger                                                                    


door hanger - the plastic actually has tiny silver flecks through it, giving it that added sparkle. 
Has a space down the bottom for your child to write his own name on it.
unofficial stuff of course...