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 KOTO - Dragon's Legend                                

The birth of this project was in the early 80's. KOTO was an italian synth group, with tracks conducted and arranged by Anfrando Maiola and produced by Stefano Cundari and publshedi by Memory Records, Italy. Together they have created some great tracks like: "Visitors", "
Dragon's Legend" "Chinese Revenge" and "Jabdah".

In 1989, a German record label ZYX has bought rights to all Memory Records catalogue, including the rights to "KOTO" music and name. They asked the Dutch producer Michiel van der Kuy to re-record and remix some of old KOTO tracks. In 1990 Anfrando Maiola struck back with "Champion's Cue", but the single didn't gather much popularity.


( radio edit )

( Siegfried's Mix)
 On that version, the Daphne voice has been changed. another girl says the lyrics with a more sexy voice^^


Composed by Stefano Cundari,Anfrando Maiola

Produced by Stefano Cundari, Alessandro Zanni

Notes Includes
Jabdah, Chinese Revenge, Visitors and Japanese War Game.

( Megamix )

 Dragon's Lair 3D "He's My Guy" theme song       

The Dragon's Lair 3D theme song "He's My Guy"  was written and composed by
Christopher Stone and Jon Lewin

It was recorded professionally using a combination of live musicians & synthesizers. This themesong plays atthe end of game as a reward for winning. It appears during the credit roll, and visuals include classic and new footage from the game.

it's a rap song sung by Julie Eisen