... their own way to reach the Dragon's Lair...

Dirk & Daphne ...in love 4 ever

Matt in love

"I commissioned a talented artist to create this picture to go along with my little story. I hope you enjoy it..." - Matt - [see more here]

Dirk & Daphne - The Best Couple ever...

DL Small

"...Having got all that out of my system, Dragon's Lair is my latest obsession. It's insanely fun (also insanely difficult) and is pretty much the best arcade game of all time. I mean, full 2D Don Bluth animation that you can control? Awesomesauce. Also, Dirk and Daphne are an awesome couple. He's just so adorably dorky, but she totally goes for him anyway, even being the hottie that she is... - Tell-Me-Lies (artist nickname) - Artist Website

Dragon's Lair ... 'Broadway poster' style

Dragon's Lair poster

Another month, another awesome group theme from the autumn society of philadelphia! for august's "8-bit and beyond" show, i chose to illustrate my take on Dragon's Lair, the most gorgeous (and simultaneously frustrating) game of the 1980's. i had a chance to work out the sketches for this piece on my trip to LA last week, and i think the finished piece has retained some of that sun drenched 80's west coast vibe." - Tom Whalen / StrongStuff"

Daphne & Lea

Daphne and Lea

"Princess Daphne from Dragon's Lair and Princess Leia in her slave outfit" - Starfire68.

Kimberly & Space Ace by Blackhellcat

Space Ace

"All done in shimmering watercolors and sparkling glitter glue" - Blackhellcat.

Kimberly by Niicko                                                                                                 

Kimmy almost naked

"Kimberly from "Space Ace" in some dificult situation with a natives of an strange planet"

Daphne & Dirk by Atomicman                                                                               


Dirk the Daring & Princess Daphne by Atomicman
Website :

Daphne & Dirk the 'Pony' by Sapphire-Light                                                        


Pony version of Dirk the Daring & Princess Daphne by Sapphire Light

Kimberly & Ace by scamwich &  DrewGardner                                                     


Kimberly & Ace playing together, by scamwich & Drew.

Dirk & the Knight by redeve                                                                                   


Dirk The Daring fighting the evil Black Knight, by redeve.

Princess Daphne by Rinaldi / Blitzart01                                                              


"What would be our Princess Daphne in 2009, living in LA for example? ...a good friend of Pamela Anderson maybe ?  Lines by Rinaldi, colors by blitzart01.

Princess Daphne & Kimberly by Street Devil                                                      


"So from left to right we have Kimberly from Space Ace and Princess Daphne from Dragon's Lair. What made me laugh when I got this commission was I remember being like...8 or something and walking into PC World and seeing the box for the game Dragon's Lair and saw the knight and the dragon and the girl on the front wearing practically nothing (the black swimsuit rip off thing) and a sparkly semi-see through black wrap. I thought she looked like an interesting character to draw and promptly forgot about it 5 minutes later.Now year I am years on and what have I drawn? Well that's a cyclic world for ya." -
by Street Devil

Princess Daphne & Kimmy by Karcreat                                                               


By Kevin 'KARCREAT' Karstens. Custom drawing for DLFANS website. Visite his website.

Princess Daphne by Amena-chan                                                                         


Dragon's Lair/Daphne by Amena-chan
Source : deviantART website

Princess Daphne, Dexter/Ace by ~Mistajonz~                                                  



Dragon's Lair/Daphne by mistajonz
Source : deviantART website


Princess Daphne by Doug S.                                                                                    


Dragon's Lair/Daphne. Pencils by Doug, colors by Nikki Nox
Source :

Fabio Pancaldi's Artworks                                                                                        


Great drawings inspired by Dragon's Lair, by Fabio Pancaldi. More on his website.

David Berrettini's Artworks                                                                                        




Great drawings inspired by Dragon's Lair, by David Berrettinii. Source & more information on the Fabio's website here

J.Junior's Artworks                                                                                                      





Great drawings inspired by Dragon's Lair, by J.Junior. See other J.Junior works on his photos gallery website here.

Adam Ansorge's Lost Level of Dragon's Lair  *in video*                                     


'I made this as a tribute film to Don Bluth and the influence he's had on my animation life' - Adam
An interactive version of the movie is available here.

Sean Galloway's artworks                                                                                       


Visit his 'Got Cheeks' blog for discover more drawings (http://gotcheeks.blogspot.com)

Dirk the Daring... in 3D by Charlie Breakiron                                                          




Have a look at the AWESOME job done by Charlie Breakiron (character modeler) & crew for tbe modeling & animation of our favorite character.

here's the link for full images, video & credits


Thanks to Charlie for let me use these pictures in the dragonslairfans website


Dirk the Daring -homemade sculpt-                                                                          

First phase of the 'homemade' scrulpt of Dirk the Daring... Have a look closer to see the extreme details quality ! At this first step, it looks already amazing. Of course this beautiful piece of Art is dedicated to be in the Dragon's Lair Finny Museum

Update 27/11/05


Update 07/12/05





Jason "This is the finished Dirk, baked and painted ". This is a unique  piece !

Dragon's Lair Stamp                                                                                                  



Dragons Lair Stamp by Loralit on deviantART website

Dirk the Daring vs. the Giddy Goons                                                                        



By Pat Lewis - LunchBreak Comics - the official website of Pat Lewis Illustration

Dirk the Daring & Diddy Goons                                                                                


Source : http://mokat01.tripod.com/dlair/dlfanart.html
Artist : unknown -  please contact me if you have any information about it.

Daphne & Kimberly together in a jail... a blond story                                          


Source of this picture is unknown. please contact me if you have any information about it.

Tsai Lim's Artwork                                                                                                        



By Tasi Lim, june 2007 / July 2008 - See the Tsai's website here

Princess Daphne by Cristalmermaid                                                                         


By Cristalmermaod on deviantART website

Nada's Artwork                                                                                                            


Done by Naga [ (c) Nada's Den at www.nagasden.com/ / Erotic art]

I'm a 8-bit - Dragon's Lair  Artwork                                                                          


From the jackace Gallery -  link

Dirk the Daring after body building exercices... WOW !                                     


By EricMSMITH in 2001

Dirk the Daring by Arthur ?                                                                                        


Source of this picture is unknown. PLease contact me if you have any information about it.

Dirk The Daring  by Pcop                                                                                           


Taken from the 'Sketch Of The Day' blog right here

Borf - The Graffiti                                                                                                       

Location / Artist : unknown :-(

Dirk the Daring - In an other dimension ?                                                              

By Saeta Hernando -  "La cama de Nemo" Blog & News

Dirk the Daring - WIP?                                                                                                

Author : unknown -  please contact me if you have any information about it.

Dragon's Lair on velvet                                                                                              

    Kyle Kulakowski is a Tucson artist whose subject is contemporary and retro video games. While video game-inspired art has recently become something of a popular trend, Kulakowski’s original medium, black velvet, sets him apart from his peers. The kitchy canvas-alternative is the perfect place to venerate the games of yore, and Kulakowski’s pixilated paintjobs highlight the dayglo aesthetic of classic games like Pac-Man, Dragon’s Lair and Q*Bert, while also evoking a healthy portion of nostalgia...
Read the full Kyle Kulakowski's interview on the ReadyGameFire blog.
Visit the Kyle's deviantART page at :