04/07/09 - AIR RAID inside a GT-6 : first encounter...


    It's been a while I didn't see & touch a GT-6 (Galaxian Theater) for real... ASSEMBLED! Follow me to see the beast...



 29/06/09  - Kimberly...                                                                                                                

    Kimberly from "Space Ace" in some dificult situation with a natives of an strange planet! Beware... 'soft' mature content in this picture, done by an artist called Niicko ;-) ~Enjoy~

 23/06/09 - Quest for Billy Mitchell... NEVER SURRENDER!                                                  

  The Billy Mitchell Day...

    Billy L. Mitchell, born July 16, 1965, in Holyoke, Massachusetts, is a video game player, best known for recording high scores in classics from the Golden Age of Arcade Games. He has been described as the "greatest arcade-video-game player of all time". His achievements include the first perfect score in Pac-Man. He owns the "Rickey's World Famous Restaurant" chain, based in Hollywood, Florida. He uses the same brand to sell a line of hot sauces, "Rickey's World Famous Sauces"...

Follow our journey to meet THE man
*pure Arcade Life Style story inside*, right HERE!



 21/06/09  - Dirk & Daphne, the fight is over...                                                                       

    And one more picture available in the Fan's Lair section, this time done by Atomicman. ~Enjoy~

 16/06/09 - Superully ...the return of the Roadtriper'                                                           


    "Time to return to Berlin! As you probably remember from my last roadtrip , there are still some games waiting for me in the German capital. This time, however, I'm not taking my own car with me. How should I fit 5 cabs in my car at once? Suggestions, please... " Superully (read the full story here).


 07/06/09  - Dragon's Lair II : TimeWarp  now available on Blu-ray Disc                         

    Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp goes to Blu-ray! Grab your controller and rescue Princess Daphne on your PlayStation 3 or standalone Bly-ray player in High Definition video! Not only can you now play in High Definition and listen in fantastic 5.1 Surround Sound but you get Full HD 1080p bonus materials! Order it online on the Digital Leisure shop right here.

 05/06/09 - Superully strikes back : ROAD TRIP inside!                                                      


    "A couple of weeks ago I've posted on various forums that i was looking for a taito cab (empty or not, i don't care) to house one of my favourite games: QIX
Fortunately, i received an answer on a german arcade forum. unfortunately, the cab's location was berlin. that's more than 500 kilometers one way - for an (almost) empty cab. whatever, rule number one:
If you REALLY want something, go get it - no matter how far away it is!  DLF

...so here's what's coming up...
" Superully (read the full story here)



 02/06/09  - THAT'S INCREDIBLE! : Dragon's Lair                                                                  

    Dragon's Lair on the program That’s Incredible from ABC TV in 1983. Recorded by Barry 'Sonic 1992' from T.V. with a Tape Recorder held up to the TV...  in 1983! Go back in time with this *awesome* sound archive!
Sit down, please play... close your eyes ... and listen!                                                                    ~Enjoy~

 11/05/09 -  A week end in Paris *features* Road Trip!                                                     


    This is a great week end for me... A nice trip to Paris, a nice visit of THE town, a nice shop, a nice meeting with friends, great food (no Burger King this time LOL)... and a nice road trip for the best pinball ever made : Bally's CIRQUS VOLTAIRE! Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the circus (part 1)...     


 06/05/09  - Dirk & Daphne ...in a strange world?                                                                

    And what if Dirk & Princess Daphne were...two horses? What a strange idea... but see by yourself right here.
Did I tell you the artist is a 26 years female by the way? It explains that 'Pony' view I guess ^^ 

 03/05/09 -  The DK Kid - VIERZON 2009 -   an 80's story in 2009!                                    


    This is not Steve Wiebe or Billy Mitchell here... this is just a kid versus a man... like it used to be in the 80's...
Score are low here but we don' care... Feel the tension... and see how a young apprentice defeat the "master"!



 01/05/09  - Kim & Ace...before the fight?                                                                             

    Kimberly & Ace 'playing' together... by scamwich & Drew. Available here

 28/04/09 -  Exhibition / Pinball Collector - VIERZON 2009 -   THE REPORT                     


    See in pictures the report  for this 2009 edition of the Pinball Collector / US cars & US LifeStyle Exhibition.


 22/04/09  - Black Knight vs Dirk The Daring.                                                                          

    See this impressive scene of Dirk The Daring fighting the evil Black Knight. Done by redeve. Available here

 19/04/09 - 'Daytona to Out Run2 Integration' part 4 : Versus Time...                               


    This is it! The integration of OutRun2 into a *dead* Daytona USA TWIN cab' is done & accurate. See by yourself the result on this small video. All the technical details are available in this topic... ~Drift time now~


 18/04/09  - When Daphne & Pamela unite...                                                                            

    Daphne Pamela
    "What would be our Princess Daphne in 2009, living in LA for example? ...a good friend of Pamela Anderson maybe ?  Lines by Rinaldi, colors by blitzart01.      Enjoy this modern Princess 'version' in the Fan's Lair section. 

 16/04/09 - Under A Tuscan Sun - "Road Trip of the Fittest" by Superully                       


    "Selling my Williams Joust 2 cab... the cab is in Italy and is in good condition, working and perfect shape"-5o0mileS. "VERY INTERESTED!!! where in Italy are you located exactly???" - Superully. See what's next in this wonderful road trip done by Superully. Never been in Tuscan (Italy) ? When Arcade & Tourism unite...                          ~Enjoy~


 15/04/09  - Daphne & Kimberly.... 'bondage'?                                                                      

    "So from left to right we have Kimberly from Space Ace and Princess Daphne from Dragon's Lair. What made me laugh when I got this commission was I remember being like...8 or something and walking into PC World and seeing the box for the game Dragon's Lair and saw the knight and the dragon and the girl on the front wearing practically nothing (the black swimsuit rip off thing) and a sparkly semi-see through black wrap. I thought she looked like an interesting character to draw and promptly forgot about it 5 minutes later.Now year I am years on and what have I drawn? Well that's a cyclic world for ya." -Street Devil (Artist's comments)                                      Now available in the Fan's Lair section. 

 12/04/09 - SPACE INVADERS - Road Trip for a legend!                                                       


    "Hi Nuno, would you be ok to do a road trip together in order to bring some very old games? ...Did I say you I'm talking about some Space Invaders cabinets?" - Zebassprophet. Mamma mia, here I go again... My my, how can I resist you? See the complete story in this new road trip!                                                                 ~Enjoy~

 08/04/09 - Model Viewer for Galaxian³                                                                                


    "Hi, I just programmed a 3D Model Viewer for the recently dumped "Galaxian 3 theatre 6" - Naibo
Oh My God! It's working! Thanks to Naibo, we are now able to 'browse" the contain of the 'Project Dragoon' roms and enjoy the REAL & beautiful 3D objects from the original game!!!  Who'll discover the best  in-game objects?


 07/04/09  - Don Bluth Tutorial : Getting the Feeling                                                         

    "Drawings that are not parented by the artists honest feelings are empty; they have no soul. This tutorial will explore the process of finding your feelings before picking up the pencil. Creativity rises up from those feelings" Don Bluth
Wanna see how the master draws the beautiful Princess Daphne? See the video sample here or discover all the details by visiting http://www.donbluthanimation.com
".                                                                     ~Enjoy~  

 03/04/09 - GALAXIAN THEATER - The Installation Manual!                                              


    "Specifications : Power supply : 110v/60Hz, power consumation : 1400W, Projector System : Two Three-tube projectors (for 110" screens), Weight : 2800kg/6200lbs (installed), Dimensions : 16'73" - 16'4" - 8' (270 sqft).
Location : Decide the place where to install the unit and check to see if it is large enough..."
Do you want some help for installing your Galaxian 3 Theater 6? Enjoy the complete Installation Manual ;-)

 30/03/09 - AUSTRALIA Road Trip by Dexter                                                                        


    "Out Run (アウトラン ,Auto Ran) is a 1986 arcade game designed by Yu Suzuki and Sega-AM2. The game was a major hit with arcade-goers and is notable for its innovative hardware (including a moving cabinet), pioneering graphics and music, a choice in both soundtrack and route, and its strong theme of luxury and relaxation. In retrospective interviews, Yu Suzuki has classified Out Run not as a racing game, but as a "driving" game." - Wikipedia
But Out Run is also a great reward for Dexter...after doing his '
##Oz Road Trip##'...in Australia!        ~Enjoy~

 29/03/09 - GYRUSS... This is it!                                                                                              


    When I got this game, it was an empty cabinet... Now, this Gyruss is ready to give fun for many years to come. This is it! Destination Game Room right now on this video, or see the full story right here.          ~Enjoy~


 27/03/09  - Don Bluth Animation - Fan Club Newsletter                                                   

    "...the EXPOSURE SHEET will be a fun and interesting project of artistic as well as educational benefit for all. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this sample issue" - Don Bluth in summer 1983.
Take a look a the Don Bluth's EXPOSURE SHEET,the official Newsletter of the Don Bluth Animation Fan Club, Volume One, Number One. Now available somewhere on the 'Collectibles' section.                              ~Enjoy~


 23/03/09  - Daphne & Kim'  by  Karcreat                                                                              

    Hey, I've just found back this great drawing done by Kevin 'Karcreat' Karstens, the man behind the "Space Ass" or "Chicken's Lair" parody, and more recently 'Star Toons : Retro Rescue'. It's was a special request for me, done few years ago. Thanks again Kev'. Now available in the Fan's Lair section.                    


 16/03/09  - ACE / DEXTER by Mistajonz                                                                              

    After a beautiful Princess Daphne, Mistajonz strikes back with two new 'DevianART' pictures. This time, please honor Ace/Dexter. Now available in the Fan's Lair section.                                                                ~Enjoy~

 13/03/09 - GALAXIAN : This is not the game...                                                                   


    ...No, this is not the game, but an amazing lightning effect! It produces Laser patterns that can be projected on a ceiling or wall. Over 500 red and green laser beams. Sound active from built-in programs...
Ok, let's try this thing inside the Nuno's lair V2 now!                                                                        ~Enjoy~  

 12/03/09 - Rolling Thunder : THE MILLION !!!                                                                   


   "For all you Rolling Thunder fans I thought I would share a little bit of good news. I have obliterated my previous world record score and in the process i BROKEN THE MILLION BARRIER !!!  I scored 1,023,380 pts" - Dazza
It's been submitted to Twin Galaxies this morning, so lets just hope the verification process is quick and passes!
Official or not... he dit it! This is it! This is *really* it! Congratulation Dazza, the real 'King Of Thunder'! (more)


 09/03/09  - FAMILY GUY /  DRAGON'S LAIR                                                                         

    "To make money and pay off his debts, Peter participates in medical experiments, including one that makes him gay. He winds up in a relationship with another man and leaves Lois and the family brokenhearted, however, they realize the important thing is that Peter is happ..." Family Guy / Saison 7 - Episode 8
So what's here? A nice reference to our favotite game of course... Check this post.

 07/03/09 - ALL-POINTS BULLETIN... THIS IS IT!                                                                


   Every story has a beginning...but also an end! This story started in October 2007, with a UK road trip in order to bring back a SEGA Scud Race twin racing cockpits game...and an Atari APB. After more than one year in the cold garage of Patrick, I've finally have time bring this game back to life... 
All the details about the APB restoration are available right here or just pop up the volume and enjoy the video!


 03/03/09  - Cosplay : Singe & Dirk together?                                                                      

    "Lorelle was a bit too not-blonde to pull of princess Daphne. But she makes a great dragon".                 ~Enjoy~

 01/03/09 - SEGA Cyber Dome vs NAMCO Galaxian Theater?                                           


   Have a look at this monster 'game'! I've no information about it, except on the Sega Flyer and a mention in my SEGA arcade history book...but in Japanse! More an attraction to be in a theme Park than a video game in an Arcade of course. Very similar than the Galaxian Theater, isn't it? Do you have more information about it? Or already met that beast maybe?                                                                                          ~Please help~


 25/02/09  - Daphne...so lovely!                                                                                             

    "Honestly Princess Daphne is my favorite female game character...and also probably among my favorite cartoon characters.This is the first time I draw her..." - Amena-chan (the author). Not bad for a first draw! I'm (still) in love!
Check out this new Daphne picture, now avaialble in the Fan's Lair section.                                       ~Enjoy~

 23/02/09 - DRAGOON R DELTA PLUS : a new model!                                                           


   I unfortunately don't speak Japanese, but I presume this a new model of the Dragoon R Delta Plus ship, presented at the Wonder Festival 2008? Home made? Available for sale? Japanese team, please help! ^^

 22/02/09 - PLEIADS : Front Artwork...now scanned!                                                           


   In order to help Superully on his Pleiads restoration and also the Arcade community, here's the scan of the front artwork. Now, the big job can start : assembling the parts, and make a vector file. Who'll be the man?  


 21/02/09  - Daphne in Holiday?                                                                                               

    "It's weird when furries go ga-ga and drool over scantily clad furry chicks, but when people go ga-ga over scantily clad human chicks, it's perfectly normal...well, kinda. When I was a kid, I had a crush on Daphne...she had a nice, uh, name...yeah, that's it, lol." - Mistajonz (the author).
Check out this new Daphne picture, now avaialble in the Fan's Lair section.                                       ~Enjoy~

 18/02/09 - PacMania Adventure ... by Barry!                                                                        


   It starts with a favor, a request to my friend Barry (aka Sonic 1992) :a PacMania marquee to send from USA to Belgium. But if you know Barry, you know that something special may happen! Now check out the story of a common PacMania marquee that will become a very special item to me now, with a soul!
So 'Barry' ... So 'ArcadeLifeStyle' ... We love you!                                                                            ~Enjoy


 15/02/09  -  New animation tutorials ...by DON BLUTH himself!!!                                      

    Watch Don Bluth draw a sketch of Dirk the Daring, Singe the Dragon or Kimberly! More animation tutorials like this one will be available at Don Bluth Animation Website Soon. A dream comes true!                        ~Learn~ 

 14/02/09 - PLEIADS : Da Restoration Video!                                                                        


   First of all, today is the Valentine's day! Close your computer and spend your day with your wife/friend!
Still there? ;-) Ok, so take a seat, your favorite beverage (who said Dr Pepper?), some chips, pop up the volume and enjoy this Pleiads restoration (including game play) 'in less than 10 minutes' in this new video. Of course, all the details are available in that post on the board.                                                                       ~Enjoy~ 


 13/02/09  - Daphne : Gold Gold Gold!                                                                                      

    Wow, have a look at this wonderful Daphne drawing... She's not inside the Singe's Castle anymore... Now she lives in the World of Conan the Barbarian... and she looks more beautiful than ever. See by yourself ^^

 11/02/09 - From Truxton II to Pleiads ...by Superully                                                        


   This is it! A second PLEIADS (Spanish version by Irecsa) cabinet has been discovered in Germany, and as a bonus, by one of our member here : Superully :-) So you'll got the full 'package' : The road trip first, and the operation 'Pleiads : Back to life". As you'll see, this cabinet has been *badly* converted to Truxton II... and of course, Superully is going to bring back this cabinet into its original glory... Show time right here!

 09/02/09 - A New Generation Of Players....                                                                         


   It's 2009... and so what? Xbox360, PS3 or even Wii? Of course they are great gaming machines... but let's show to the kids the true nature of the force game! Let's show them our 'babies' ^^  Shut up & play!      ~Enjoy~


 07/02/09  - A never seen Space Ace flyer?                                                                           

    February update on The Arcade Flyer Archive website. Good surprise : a SPACE ACE flyer never seen before?
But maybe did YOU already see it in the past? Let us know of course^^ Check it out, right here.


 05/02/09  - FOCUS : Mike Ryan's Collection!                                                                         

    Mike is one of the biggest DL/SA collectors. All the items from his *impressive* collection can be seen on a dedicated & updated web page. Do you wanna cry ? So have a look at this!                                        ~Enjoy~

 03/02/09 - Tim Skelly live on CoinOpSpace.com!                                                                


   This Wednesday night, February 4th 2009 Tim Skelly will be chatting with arcade collectors about his place in the history of coin-op games.  Tim worked for Cinematronics and Gottlieb, having a hand in creating some well revered games such as Star Hawk, Solar Quest, Armor Attack, Reactor... More details right here.
This is a CoinOpSpace.com Event. Thanks to Jeff for the notification.

 31/01/09 - PAC MAN - Scratch Built Replica by Screen!                                                     


   "HI guys, I'm here with a new project : 'PAC MAN - Scratch Built Replica'. After a Galaga cab,  it's time for another Namco's classic arcade. My idea was to build a Nintendo Donkey Kong cab from scratch.... but to much problems with pieces (coin door, bezel, etc....) these are the three cab that I would, so ....it's PAC TIME!" - Screen on November 08
Two months later... Have a look at the result !... AMAZING !!!                                                      ~Enjoy this~

 29/01/09 - the LAZY roadtrip... Hunt (LOL)  for Pacmania!                                                


   One meter to go, without my car! What a road trip isn't it ? Don't worry, I'm still able to present you HUGE road trip, but this time, check out this LAZY road trip, or the QUEST (remember, ONE meter!) for a PACMANIA cab'^^


 24/01/09  - Dragon's Lair Stamp by Loralit                                                                             

    Artist's Comments : I'm not sure if everyone remember this video game but I sure do! I've never played it but I've seen my older brother wasting money in the arcade for the second version, which is "Time Warp"...
How'll be the first one here to try using this stamp on a real letter ? Available on deviantART. Good luck ^^

 21/01/09 - Meeting - From Computer Space to Retro Space... to Computer Space!     


   As a huge fan of Computer Space, Marijn (the creator of the Retro Space cabinet) and his friend Lara (pictured on the Retro Space flyer) decided to come from Netherlands to Belgium in order to see, smell & play a real Computer Space... Do you want to know more?

 18/01/09 - Rolling Thunder, the UK Road Trip  by Dazza                                                      


   "So I've set the Rolling Thunder world record on Mame. It's time to get serious and take the arcade record  Twisted So first step, I need to get access to a machine...." - Dazza. (more)

 18/01/09 - Japan auction / Museum ... features  GT-6                                                        


   Our Japanese friends are lucky : Check out this auction/sale featuring some nice collectibles items... inside an arcade museum! Wanna play Galaxian³ or Starblade  by the way? Let's fly to Japan!

 15/01/09 - Galaxian Theater becomes Tsunami Theater                                                     


   Air Raid : "This Is Not A Drill" ...nope, but it's supposed to be a Galaxian Theater playing one of the two original missions for that GT-6 :'Project Dragoon' or 'Attack Of The Zolgear' from Namco! Check this out...

 08/01/09 - Meeting - Improvisation for Christmas 08' inside the Nuno's Lair                  


   "Hey... this is what I like the most : A meeting / gaming session improvised ! It's the 24th of Christmas... Yes ... Christmas day ! ... and today the special guests are two friends from France... both have arcade games and/or pinballs...and are huge Arcade fan, an major condition if you want to visit the Nuno's Lair..."   MORE

 06/01/09 - Christmas Road Trip ... Hunt for a System One 'RoadBlaster' Atari cab'      


   Hey... I didn't know what to ask to Santa Claus... Why not asking an Atari System One cabinet ? Of course, it's just a pretext for a new Road Trip to do... this time in Germany ! It will never end...                           ~Enjoy~


 02/01/09  - Dirk the Daring in ...                                                                                              

    Dirk the Daring done in ... wood maybe ? Try to guest ^^ No information on this project (contact me if you know more about it). Check the full size picture available in the Fan's Lair section.

 01/01/09 - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009                                                                                         


   First of all, I wish you a very happy new year 2009. May this new year will be full of new games for you, fun and also a lot of 'Arcade Life Stories' ^^ Let me start this new year with this 'Ms.Pac Man' story...     ~Enjoy~

 27/12/08 - ZAXXON : It's alive                                                                                                


   I don't need the CBS colecovison version of the game any longer... watch out the WIP (Work In Progress) / Geek video/post right here ^^                                                                                                ~Enjoy~

 26/12/08 - Retro Arcbive : Namco by ... Namco                                                                  


   Back in '96. Here's the Namco Corporate Profile book. It includes the history of the company, research & development presentation, theme park operations, arcade machines... Full scan available right here.


 24/12/08  - Happy Xmas                                                                                                           

    Let's celebrate with this Xmas special episode of Sir Benson. Just a request from Martin, his creator : 'Please, watch the video between 23.55 and midnight '                                                                                      ~Enjoy~


 22/12/08  - Sir Benson : A New Episode                                                                                

    'Sir Benson...a Knight (probably the true brother of Dirk the Darking) ... a true hero ... inside the great forest... is back in a new adventure called 'The Idol'. Written and animated by Martin.
PS : don't miss the interview of his creator right here.                                                                      ~Enjoy~


 19/12/08  - Fan's Lair : Dirk the Daring & Giddy Goons                                                      

    'My Dragon's Lair Fan Art' by an unknown artist. Available as usual on the Fan's Lair section here. I hope that one day all these 'unknown artists' will find this website and the Fan's Lair section... and react ^^

 16/12/08 - MS PAC MAN is here !!! Waka Waka Waka ... (UK Road Trip inside)^^       


   Ops! I've almost forgotten to publish this one... Shame on me ! OK, here's an other UK road trip for a game that *was* in my 'must have' list : Ms Pac Man ! And I can assure you this cab is not easy to find here, in Europe! But this is it. Ladies and Gentleman, please Welcome the wife of Mr Pac Man...and enjoy this new UK road trip!                                                                                                                                  ~Enjoy~

 10/12/08 - Galaxian³ 'Project Dragoon' - The one sheet flyer                                         


    Check the original 'one sheet flyer' of Galaxian³ 'Project Dragoon'  and also an *exclusive* additional sheet  given to US operators by Namco US.                                                                                               ~Enjoy~


 05/12/08  - Dragon's Lair  'the  Ruby-Spears Cartoon' - THE INTEGRAL                          

   This is *finally* it. All the episode of the Ruby-Spears Dragon's Lair cartoon are now available here for download. Many thanks to Helgasboy for sharing with us the missing episodes.                                   ~Enjoy~

 01/12/08 - Lost Of Consciousness By G Force - The road trip, part II                             


    The game is in storage since one year (thanks to Pat for the storage). Now that the Nuno's Lair V2 (tm) is ready, it's time to bring back that game @ home. The A-Team is ready (video inside)    ~Enjoy~

 30/11/08 - Galaxian³ 'Attack Of The Zolgear' - The laser disc                                          


    After 'Project Dragoon', let's 'rip' the video footage from the 'Attack Of The Zolgear' laser disc. English & Japanese version please ! All the details in the post right here. Include a *free* sample ;-)          ~Enjoy~

 28/11/08 - Galaxian³ 'Project Dragoon' - The laser disc                                                  


    The time is coming... Let's save the 'Project Dragoon' video footage for eternity... but also for an emulator!
All the details in the post right here.       ~Enjoy~

 25/11/08 - Galaxian³ 'Project Dragoon' now DUMPED !!!                                                  


     Holy Christ ! This is it !!! P-Man did it faster than light. He dumped the romset & documented the boards. An important step has been done, but calm down... there is a long way to go before a Galaxian³  emulator...
Anyway, at least the Project Dragoon roms are now safe... forever ;-) Many thanks P-Man !!!

 17/11/08 - Nuno's Lair V2 - video footage !                                                                          


     Yessss ! It's almost done ! The Nuno's Lair V2 will soon be full of dedicated ! I filmed some steps during the construction. Here they are on video or you can read the full story started in may 2005 right here.


 16/11/08  - Dragon's Lair  'the notepad'                                                                               

    Something to quickly write ? Why don't write it on this Dragon's Lair *under license* notepad ? Done by ReadySoft in year 19XX, it's no more available and I presume it was only for in-house/employee usage ? Anyway, it's still a nice item to collect.

 09/11/08 - 'Business Area' : Buy / Sell / Trade ?                                                               


   I think it's time to open a dedicated section on this board for this ! It's called 'Business Area' but it's simply a Buy/Sell/Trade category. Don't hesitate to post the items you're looking for or what you have to sell. I got many items/parts since these last years and it would be a nicer solution to sell them here, for members first ! So registered members only (hidden section for guests, so you know what you've to do ;-) ). Check right here

 08/11/08 - Galaxian³ Theater 6 - The Installation Manual                                                 


    I got it !!! What ? The installation manual for the biggest 'arcade game' ever done. This one will help me to reassemble this monster once I'll have to place to do it of course. It should also help the understanding of that beast with the lot of schematics inside, especially all the connectivity between all the elements.

 01/11/08 - Galaxian Theater *the road trip* VIDEO FOOTAGE !!!                                       


     Back in April 2007... do you remember the Galaxian Theater road trip ? I've just found some video footage done during the first day of that crazy adventure. I know it's not the best film ever done with a cam', but I just want to share it with all the Galaxian³  fans here. Check this out !


 29/10/08  - All the girls love Dirk the Daring ?                                                                      

    Discover what they said about this 'guy', playing on a Dragon's Lair machine ;) Taken from the Cracked magazine in 1996, the full picture is now available in the 'articles' section of the website. Many thanks to Barry 'Sonic1992' for the submission.

 26/10/08 - It's a story about time...                                                                                           

     This is it ! The Time Pilot workshop is done. Another classic ready for giving many years of fun for the current and (I hope) the future generation of gamers ^^  

Be my guest of course, in pictures right here and in a video... right here !


 25/10/08  - Magazine Scan : CDi (part#2)                                                                             

    This second part of the magazine scan includes a nice interview with Don Bluth, and some interesting informations about the making of Space Ace. It also includes a preview for the Dragon's Lair CD-i version to come.Read the full article right here.


 22/10/08  - Magazine Scan : CDi (part#1)                                                                             

    Back in April 1994, Space Ace arrives on the console/multimedia 'CDi'. The UK magazine "Cdi" reviews that first Digital Video game on this console that require an additional Digital Video Cartridge hardware. Did you say expensive ? Read the full article right here.


 18/10/08  - Ball Blaster - the Dexter's weapon ^^                                                              

    If you wanna be (or your kid) the king of the school playground... just think about this ;-) ...or it can just be a new item to add into your collection or course. Anyway, I think my Space Ace toys collection is now complete :-D

 15/10/08 - He's back... and safe !                                                                                           


     Barry (aka Sonic 1992 on the board) is back. Now that we are reassured, we can read the diary of these frightening 'Ike Hurricane' days... Welcome back Barry !

 10/10/08 - UK RoadTrip #12 : Jr Pac Man & Gyruss                                                             


     Once again, I'm going to UK for two more 'classic' games to bring back in Belgium ! Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome JR Pac Man and Gyruss ^^


 06/10/08  - Just an other Dirk the Daring drawing...                                                           

    A new fan of Dirk ^^ But who's the real fan ? the father or his son ? Anyway, so cute isn't it ? ;-)


 05/10/08  - Space Ace, a coloring book                                                                                  

    A nice item to add into your collection, or a gift for your kids ? Added into the Collectibles section.


 28/09/08  - It's a story about a blond girl... *hum*                                                                

    What happens when Daphne & Kimberly are together in a jail ?  The answer at the Fan's Lair section^^


 21/09/08  - Dirk the Daring vs. the Giddy Goons                                                                  

    Dirk the Daring vs. the Giddy Goon. Illustration by Pat Lewis. Now available on the Fan's Lair section here.

 18/09/08 - CollectorsShow Exhibition - Da Pictures...                                                       


    It was few days ago ... in Belgium ;-) Ok...it's very small... but heh ... Belgium is a small country don't you know ? Anyway, check out some pictures right here

 15/09/08 - Da Japanese Arcade History Video !                                                                 


    Get ready for more than three hours of incredible retro arcade footage in this video. From pong to Galaxian³, R360, Vitua Racing conception, OutRun, Virtual Games, Xevious, the first Japanese game rooms, ... a lot of beautiful pictures for arcade fans like us ;-) Now the bad things : in Japanese only, and bad video quality (sorry, but it's a youtube rip).                                                                                                                 ~Enjoy~



 14/09/08  - Flyer : Dragon's Lair II - Back in 1995                                                              

    Got this original Dragon's Lair II flyer released in 1995 to promote the game port  for PC dos, Mac, Sega CD & 3DO. According the flyer, the game was also supposed to be released on Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, MPEG cd-rom? and Jaguar CD... hum hum ...the rest is history. Check it out on the Flyers section.

 07/09/08 - Road Trip : Out Run ... by Logan                                                                       


    "Today was the day, I went to go pick up my Outrun Cab! Smiley My first Roadtrip... only around 220km but hey, gotta start small" - Logan -
The first roadtrip... still a great moment in arcade collector life :-D  Too bad about the cam'.
Anyway, checkout his loot right here ;-)


 07/09/08  - Fan art : Dragon's Lair on velvet                                                                     

    Kyle Kulakowski is a Tucson artist whose subject is contemporary and retro video games. While video game-inspired art has recently become something of a popular trend, Kulakowski’s original medium, black velvet, sets him apart from his peers. The kitchy canvas-alternative is the perfect place to venerate the games of yore, and Kulakowski’s pixilated paintjobs highlight the dayglo aesthetic of classic games like Pac-Man, Dragon’s Lair and Q*Bert, while also evoking a healthy portion of nostalgia...
Read the full Kyle Kulakowski's interview on the ReadyGameFire blog. Of course, the DL velvet picture is also available on the Fan's Lair section ;-)

 02/09/08 - GALAXIAN³ EMULATION : A NEW HOPE !                                                           


    Well, no game is immortal, and some games such Galaxian³  are so rare. We need to preserve this game, or it will lost forever. Only Namco has the source of their games, and I doubt they will release Galaxian³ sources in the future. With the time, repairing such arcade games will be very hard, or maybe impossible : no more spare item, no more knowledge or worse : no more interest ...
Impossible to let die this game !!! I'll do all I can in order to give to the Galaxian³ game the immortality and allows a maximum of gamers to see what the game is... (more)


 31/08/08  - Fan art : Dirk in an other dimension ?                                                                

    Have a look at this very interesting draw of Dirk the Daring, done by a Spanish artist : Saeta Hernando. Personally, I love it ! The full picture is available on the Fan's Lair section.                                          ~Enjoy~

 29/08/08 - Netherlands RoadTrip : Quest for Space Wars + Pleiads                                 


     Another roadtrip done in Netherlands for a very special & rare cab, here in Europe. Space Wars was the first vector graphics arcade game. It is based on Spacewar!, a PDP-1 program that might arguably be the earliest computer game. And as a bonus game, a Pleiads has a new home in Belgium.
                                                                                                                                ~Enjoy the roadtrip~

 24/08/08 - GH28 (Galaxian³) video footage...at least !                                                     


     I'm very happy to have members from Japan on this board ! With their help, I'm able to present here some incredible and 'very hard to find' footages and informations about one of the most incredible game : Galaxian³
Now enjoy two videos taken inside the Galaxian
³  GH-28 model (28 players !), including the briefing video before he game start... WOooww !!!                                                                                                          ~Enjoy~

 18/08/08 - from Computer Space... to Retro Space !                                                           


     As a homage to the video arcade era, and especially to honor the design of the first ever arcade cabinet, Martijn Koch created "Retro Space" ! I really love the idea, woow ^^ More on his website, right here :-)
Thanks for the info, Martijn... and you are welcome to come & play a real computer space in Belgium ^^


 17/08/08  - The boy is back in town                                                                                         

    Maybe you are not fan of graffiti... but have a look at this one : BORF ! Yes, we are in 2008 and Borf seems to be THE icon for someone !!! I don't know (yet) where this piece of art can be found and the name of the artist...but I'll investigate of course ;-) OK, the full picture is now available on the Fan's Lair section.    ~Enjoy~


 09/08/08 -Article : The Making Of...                                                                                        

    I've just found back a submission sent by Space Harrier... in 2006. It includes the picture from an article in a magazine "EDGE presents the making of -special-". Of course, it's all Dragon's Lair related. No scan but pictures got with a digital camera... but it's readable, and of course... it has to be in the article section here. Thanks for the contribution Space Harrier, and sorry for the delay ;-) Any idea about the date of this article by the way ?


 07/08/08 - Wanna play with Daphne or Kimmy ?                                                                     

    I've just got a mail from Tsai Lim, a highly talented freelance artist who love Dragon's Lair & Space Ace universe. He just finished a incredible new artwork. Wooooww !!!! I've never seen Daphne or Kimmy so sexy !!! Wonderful !!! Many thanks for the submission Tsai !
This new sexy artwork is now available in the Fan's Lair section, and of course on the artist's website. Don't miss the full size version of the picture... really *amazing* ...Wow !!!
                                                                                                       ... and more than never ... ~ENJOY~

 03/08/08 - Do you own a Galaxian Theater ? Let's talk about it please ^^                     


     Exclusive interview of Ikke, the famous Galaxian Theater owner in Japan...the man behind the incredible story 'Saving Galaxian Theater... in Japan", related here three months ago. He was kind to answer me few questions -in english please-  about that amazing story and about his love of the game. Enjoy the interview right here.


 25/07/08 - Playing Dragon's Lair with Mame ?                                                                     

     Some progess regarding the Dragon's Lair emulation... by Aaron Gilon, the dad of MAME. Check this out !

 19/07/08 - What about Arcades in 2008 in LA or VEGAS ... final part !                             


     Let's move to Las Vegas for the last load of pictures taken during my latest USA trip ^^ The quest for classic
continues... what can we expect in 2008 ?


 17/07/08 - A new cab' is born... Please welcome a *brand new* Galaga !                      


     "...and after having seen a thousand times Wargames, I decided to start this new project: GALAGA 'Scratch built Replica' !  I can do it ... I hope..." - Screen, on May 26, 2008 ... on this board.
Now have a look at the result... less than two months later, right here... Impressive !!!



 16/07/08 - THIS IS IT : The Software Corner program for AMIGA is available here!     

     As promised to many of you, here's the all famous "DRAGON'S LAIR Software Corner Amiga disk", available now for download on this section of the website. For information, this disk allows you play the Software Corner's laser disc version of the game,  with an Amiga computer and a Pioneer VideoDisc player CLD 1500. You'll also need the dedicated cable between the Amiga and the video disc player... ok ... not easy to get all that stuff together ... but ... what an experience isn't it ? ;-)

Many thanks to Madsjm for translating the program from the original Amiga disk into a flat file. For information, I tested the program with an Amiga emulator and ... it runs fine ;-)                                                    ~Enjoy~

 12/07/08 - What about Arcades in 2008 in LA or VEGAS - part III                                    


     Let's move to Las Vegas for this new load of pictures taken during my latest USA trip ^^ The quest for classic
continues... what can we expect in 2008 ?



 08/07/08 - Cosplay : The Shadowings interview !                                                                

     As promised, here's the exclusive interview of Shadowings, our beautiful Italian Princess Daphne.    ~Enjoy~


 05/07/08 - Dirk the Daring after body building exercices ?                                               

     I've just found this 'BodyDirk' picture on the web. I've no information about the artist who drawed it... just his name on the picture : Eric MSMITH. Anyway, this great picture is now available in the Fan's Lair section here.

 01/07/08 - What about Arcades in 2008 in LA or VEGAS - part II                                    


     Don't get me wrong... There must be a lot of Arcades over there I didn't see of couse ! But let me show you the ones that most of tourists (like me) can easily find because these Arcade rooms are located in high tourist spots. My wish would be to find out as much 'classics' as possible... Possible in 2008 ?
Still in Los Angeles for this second part of the story. All the pictures right here (part 2)


 29/06/08 - Don Bluth Production - 'Behind The Scene', the video                                  

     I've just found this french documentary about the making of the games Dragon's Lair & Space Ace. I don't remember having seen some parts/footage of it before (correct me if I'm wrong).  Note the Dragon's Lair version of the cabinet played by the kid at then end of the video. Proto version !  Check it up right here.


 27/06/08 - Happy Birthday !                                                                                                 

     Digital Leisure Celebrates “Dragon’s Lair Week” Honoring the 25th Anniversary with Exciting Giveaways

GORMLEY, Ontario, Canada – June 20, 2008 – Though it may seem like just yesterday that your pockets were being lightened two quarters at a time by the most revolutionary arcade machine on the market, it’s actually been 25 years, and now it’s time to celebrate!

Launched on to the arcade scene in June of 1983, Dragon’s Lair received worldwide acclaim with its ground-breaking animation and interactive gameplay. This would leave a mark on a generation of millions of faithful followers who fondly remember their first ‘Lair’ experience.  More recently, Digital Leisure gave Dragon’s Lair the royal treatment and remastered the original film onto Blu-ray High Definition to ensure this classic animated game could be enjoyed by an all-new generation of gamers.

“I can’t believe it’s already been 25 years!” said Dragon’s Lair creator and legendary film animator Don Bluth. “To think a small project conceived by Rick Dyer would become such a beloved classic is something I couldn’t have foreseen. I don’t think Dirk and Daphne have aged a day!”

The week of June 22nd is your opportunity to celebrate this milestone in video gaming history.  During the 25th anniversary week, Digital Leisure will be offering 25% off all Dragon’s Lair games from its website. As well, with your purchased copy of Dragon’s Lair on DVD, Blu-ray or on HD PC DVD your copy will be personally signed by original creators Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy and Rick Dyer.

To top off the celebrations, Digital Leisure will also be giving away a giclee of the opening castle scene from Dragon’s Lair, hand-signed by all of the creators, a $500 value. This limited piece of animation art will be given away to one lucky Dragon’s Lair fan who enters their name at www.digitalleisure.com during Dragon’s Lair Week! Dragon’s Lair fans will also have the opportunity to purchase an original Dragon’s Lair movie-style poster autographed by all four creators!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive so don’t wait for the next 25 years to get your copy of Dragon’s Lair. Visit www.digitalleisure.com for all of the details.

 27/06/08 - What about Arcades in 2008 in LA or VEGAS ?                                               


     Don't get me wrong... There must be a lot of Arcades over there I didn't see of couse ! But let me show you the ones that most of tourists (like me) can easily find because these Arcade rooms are located in high tourist spots. My wish would be to find out as much 'classics' as possible... Possible in 2008 ? Let's see... (part 1)

 14/06/08 - A 'FAKER' in your room ?! Yeah, it's possible !!!                                            


     Yessss... It becomes real... The famous 'Faker' ennemy ship from Galaxian³ exist in the real world but, in LEGO ^^ Following the great work done by our Japanese member Nuu, it now possible for everyone to order it via the LEGO factory service, who allows us to order 'custom & home made' models... Impressive isn't it ? All the story of this LEGO Faker right here.                                                                                                 ~Enjoy~


 11/06/08 - Pinocchio is Dirk ???                                                                                            

     I've just found this 'PinoDirk' picture on the web. I've no information about the artist who drawed it... just the name 'Arthur' ?. Anyway, this nice picture is now available in the Fan's Lair section here.

 10/06/08 - A "DRAGOON-R" ship inside your pocket ?                                                    


     Woww... I've just found a DRAGOON-R  (the main ship in Galaxian³) keyring picture on the web... Where does it come from ? It looks very well made ! I wanna the same one to hook the keys of my GT-6 please ^^
A must have for all Galaxian³ fans... but where to found it ??? ...another Japanese home-made stuff ? ;-)


 07/06/08 - Cosplay : Princess Daphne, alone in the Singe's Castle...                          

     Enjoy more than 35 new pictures of the lovely Princess Daphne, alias Shadowings, alone in the Singe's castle.
Who'll save her form the clutches of the evil Dragon Singe ? I'm coming Daphneeeeeeee !!! ;-)

 05/06/08 - Galaxian3 *Official Materials Books*                                                            


     What a nice item. Here's the Galaxian3 Official Materials Book, based on the Playstation port of the game. So it's also about the famous mission "[code:m8805F] The Rising of Gourb". It includes of course the "Project Dragoon" & "Zolgear" stuff ! There is also stuff about the GT-6 ... but... unfortunately for me... Japanese all the way... more than 70 pages of information... and I cannot understand anything :-( The Japanese Translation Team please ? ;-)                              


 03/06/08 - Cosplay : They are back...and you'll love them ^^                                      

     Guess what ? I'm in contact with this lovely Italian Princess Daphne and she provided me an extra load of pictures. Enjoy no less then 28 more pictures of them... until the full Princess Daphne interview to come and a new load of *extra* pictures from her...                                                           (so stay tuned more than ever !)

 02/06/08 - Ready to pilot this Dragoon J-2 at home ?                                                    


     Have a look at this "Dragoon J-2" model ! Check all the details ! Really amazing ! I want to buy one please !
Check the other pictures of it available right here... Oh eh yes... this is your ship in the Galaxian3 mission called "Attack Of The Zolgear" !

 31/05/08 - Only one button for this monster ?                                                                


     Did you ever ask you how the hell a game like that can be powered up ? Here is the answer... questions ?


 30/05/08 - Cosplay : The Italian Princess Daphne !                                                        

     Because Dirk saved her for the clutches of the evil Dragon Singe (Do you remember ? ^^),  she can go everywhere in the world. The last time I've seen her, it was is... Italy ^^

 28/05/08 - Better than a roadtrip...        a GT-6 up & running  !!!                                   


    Holy jesus ! A group of Galaxian3 fans in Japan own a Galaxian Theater, like me ! "We and our friends are No.1 Galaxian3 fan group in Japan since 1993. My group own Galaxian3 Theater since 1995, We assembled it in April, 2008..." Ikke (owner of the monster). Have a look right now...RIGHT NOW ... RIGHT NOW at this *AMAZING* story !!!



 26/05/08 - Cosplay : A New 'Dirk & Daphne' has been found...                                      

     And they look great isn't it ? This picture has been taken in a cosplay convention in Italy this year. More information soon I hope. But for now, have a look to them... Daphne & Dirk in the real world !

 25/05/08 - I want to learn  Japanese !                                                                                  


    The quest to know everything about this Galaxian Theater has begun. With the help of a new member 'BusterBill' we have the translation about some Alien  Japanese inscriptions written on the game, and also
 -at least- its serial number ! Many thanks to him & his friend's sister who live in Japan ^^

 24/05/08 - Daytona to OutRun2 project : It's alive ! It's alive                                          


    This is it : I can play OutRun 2 on my *previously dead* Daytona USA Cab with the original Daytona controls : No extra buttons at all, and in true 'arcade accurate' RGB display ! Discover THE solution for doing a such thing in video in this post (the video is on the page 3) or available directly here on youtube.



 23/05/08 - 'Behind the scene' artworks by J.Junior                                                     

    Remember J.Junior, the man behind some great 3D Dragon's Lair artworks ? Here's now two more pictures available in the FAN'S LAIR section.


 In addtion, few words of the artist : "Yes, I'm a huge Dragon's Lair fan, living in Brazil. I'm 32 yrs old.
My first experience with DL was in the 80's, when I saw on TV a report about the premiere of the game (in the ATARI days, that DL graphics shining on the screen was breathtaking). Later on, in 1994, I buyied a 3DO, and then could play the full experience of the game.
I allways wanted to see Dirk and "The Dragon" in full 3d, then I decided to do those models. They're maded and rendered in 3DSmax with some Photoshop layers, and I want to make a animation with them, someday.
Here's now the wireframes of the scenes..."

 19/05/08 - Galaxian Theater : 'GH-28' the MOTHERSHIP !                                             


  The game 'Galaxian3' was originally a theme park attraction in Japan for up to 28 people simultaneously in a hydraulic gaming area. Have a look at this monster attraction also called 'GH-28' (pictures & video inside)

After that, you'll think that the Galaxian3 'theater 6' (the one I own) is very small ^^


 18/05/08 - Laser Bridge interface in action !                                                                    


   "We need help and time to made the bridge conversion we need, for many games and interfacing the Pcb to the older famous games. I'm working to the DL SIDAM also to do the same, translate the philips commands to pioneer. As you know the laserbridge has 2 serail ports and also ttl-level ports so the hardware is ready to SIDAM DL and SA. I also working with Igor to hacking Roms of DL and SA SIDAM, stay tuned. For now have a look to the movie."

   See the current version of the Laser Bridge interface up & running in this video provided by the Laser Bridge Team. All the details are available on this post.

 17/05/08 - Galaxian Theater : a new dedicated category                                             


    I know there is a lot of enthousiam about this 'out of this wolrd' game. So it it time for me to gather as many information as possible about it in a new dedicated category on this website board. Check this out !

(by the way, I hope you didn't miss the Galaxian Theater roadtrip ? What ?!!! So have a look right here ^^)

 13/05/08 - Workshop : SEGA Out Run ~ the restoration  !                                              


    Started in january 2008, the Giddygoon's project comes to the end.... Great job Giddy !

                                                                                                                                ~Enjoy the story

 12/05/08 - Roadtrip : Quest fo TIME PILOT in France !                                                      


    And one more cab' in the collection... Ladies & gentlemen... Please welcome this very rare Time Pilot cabinet from Atari Ireland.

                                                                                                                                ~Enjoy the roadtrip~ 


 11/05/08 -EVENT : Official Dragon's Lair EUROMEET'08 Announced !!!                          

 "Just a quick message to let "Everyone" know that Euromeet 08' will be happening sometime in the second half of Novemeber, the Lair has been extended, with a new larger Office, an Electrical/tech room..." Jason

More details on the official announcement right here. What? You don't know what the Dragon's Lair Euromeet is ?
See the full report of the Euromeet 06' right here. ^^                                


 10/05/08 - What a beautiful Dirk !!!                                                                                    

      "In the Annals of Video Arcade-dom never has there been a more tortured soul as the stalwart hero of Dragon's Lair. Knowing absolutely no one that has ever finished the game poor Dirk must have suffered through countless drops into the abyss, electrocution, swallowed up by horrid slime, etc. never to see the end of the game, never to save the beautiful princess Daphanee. How many times did Dirk end up falling into skeleton zombiedom? Countless. For this I salute the poor bastard that is, Dirk the Daring." Craig / SKETCH OF THE DAY  : the blog where I got this *great* image !



 08/05/08 - The boys are back in town...                                                                              


   They are back... YEEEESSS !!!! Igor & Xadhoom...Hope to have very soon a new status about the
Laserbridge project, Dragon's Lair Sidam and other restoration... Forza Italia !!! ^^


 07/05/08 - French Video Documentary : Dragon's Lair & other Cartoons / Games    

  NoLife TV has done a nice documentary about Dragon's Lair  and some others Interactive movies games. Broadcasted the 6th of may, here's the video file... I hope you understand french by the way ;-) Thanks to Pitufo for the captured file ^^


  Go to the video section to download the divx video file (128MB) or watch it on youtube ^^               ~Enjoy~


 04/05/08 - New "Dragon's Lair fan artist" discovered...                                                  


   Ok, only three pictures "DL related" available in the Fan's Lair section, but don't miss the visit to the Sean's Blog to discover a really talented artist.


 03/05/08 -  Exhibition / Pinball Collector - VIERZON 2008 -   THE REPORT                     

   See in pictures the report  for this 2008 edition of the Pinball Collectior / US cars & US LifeStyle Exhibition.




 02/05/08 - Did you say impossible ? Jason did it !  The collection is now complete !   

  This is it ! The Bluth's Trilogy (Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair 2 and Space Ace) *AUSTRALIAN* version is now reunited inside the Finny's museum in UK !


  As you know, these three cabs are *extremely* hard to find ! Enjoy some pictures of them right here and be sure to have more details on the upcoming Dragon's Lair Museum website. Many thanks to Jason for sharing these first pictures of the cabs ^^


 23/04/08 - ENTER THE DRAGON'S LAIR :   'The Missing Page'                                         

  Back on the fabulous article written by Andrew Fisher for Games TM available since 4 days here: one page was missing... and it's definitely a very special page from the article because pictures of few fellows on are in it ;-)


   NOW, the *complete* article is available here                                                                          ~Enjoy~


 22/04/08 - Space Ace Blu-ray - NOW SHIPPING !                                                            

   For the first time ever you can experience the stunning classical animation of Space Ace in true High Definition. This release of Don Bluth's legendary animated arcade game features video transferred directly from the original film source, delivering the sharpest images and most vibrant colors ever – even better than the original laser disc release...


This is it !!! Space Ace Blu-ray version is now... AVAILABLE ! Click on the picture to order it ^^

 20/04/08 - Namco Official iPod by Apple !?                                                                    


    Wow ! Check this out this perfect 'Arcade Life Style' toy : a beautiful Namco iPod ! Arg... where to buy it now ?



 20/04/08 - Article : ENTER THE DRAGON'S LAIR                                                             

   2008 marks 25 years since groundbreaking laserdisc game Dragon's Lair arrived in arcades. To celebrate, United Coders is bringing the classic title to DS with a brand-new approach to development...


   GAMES magazine (tm) explores the phenomenon.  The complete article is available here

 14/04/08 - AIRLINE PILOTS *the video* ...and other UK things                                  


    Back from London. This time, I bring with me, not the game, but a video of a very special game "AIRLINE PILOTS from Sega", few pictures from the FUNLAND Arcade (Picadilly Circus)...and some pictures of a very special Galaxian cabinet ^^ Click on the picture for the full package !


 08/04/08 - New UK roadtrip : "Return Of The Two Jedi"  - The Movie -                        


    No text... just click & watch the story about this UK Roadtrip #11, done to save two Atari's Return of the Jedi arcade cabinetss. SHOWTIME right

 01/04/08 - Donkey Kong 'Diary Of A Renovation' - The End !!!                                    


    This is it... The Donkey Kong renovation is done... See the all the details, learn some tips, and watch a six minutes videoclip long that will show you everything...and for the rest, just ask on the forum ^^
The full package is available right here
or you can jump directly to the video right here


 30/03/08 - Article : Dragon's Lair, a 3D game in 1983 ???                                              

   Dragon's Lair is a new type of movie and a new type of arcade game. It's the first completely three-dimensional video game on the market...


   ...LOL ! The complete article is available here
   Thanks to Sonic1992 for the contribution ^^                                                                             ~Enjoy~


 26/03/08 - The best tribute ...                                                                                               

any thanks to Barry (Sonic 1992) for sharing with us his childhood memories, and also one the best Dragon's Lair artworks done by his sister Tricia more than 25 years ago.

                                Tribute to everything videogame related we loved as kids, and to Tricia


 20/03/08 - Article : The Wayback Machine *DL for Nintendo DS* by David Ellis        

   Enjoy this new article written by David Ellis from the latest issue of the famous GameRoom Magazine, related to the United Coders "Dragon's Lair" version for Nintendo DS to come very soon.


   The article is available here (at the end of the page)
   (c) Gameroom Magazine / March 2008 / David Ellis - The Gameroom Website : www.gameroommagazine.com
   Thanks to Alan & Hans for the notification ^^


 17/03/08 - ArcadeLifeStyle in 1991 starring Barry (Sonic) !!!                                     

   Have a look at this video, fimed in 1991. Do you recognize him ? This is one of the best exemple of the 'ArcadeLifeStyle' : Dragon's Lair, Defender... and back to the future posters... A must see (Notice the funny hair on Barry^^ ). You rock Sonic ^^

                                            ...it's history... Dragon's Lair ... and DEFENDER !!!


 12/03/08 - Cosplay : What happens with Dirk !?                                                         

 Dirk seems to be THE character for many 'cosplayers' !? Check this one ...


 04/03/08 - Cosplay : Guess what ? They are back !!!                                                   

 Our favorites 'cosplayers' are back !!! - new pictures inside -


 02/03/08 - Cosplay : A New 'Dirk The Daring' has been found... bis !                         



 29/02/08 - One more *dedicated*  Dragon's Lair artwork by J.Junior !                     

    More information about JJunior, the artist behind the latest Dragon's Lair artworks available on the FAN'S LAIR section of this website. He's 32 yeras old and he lives in ...Brazil ! And have a look at his latest picture done for this website ! Woooooooooooooooooooooooow  !!!!!


                                         Today, the Dragon is Brazilan... and his name is JJUNIOR !


 26/02/08 - Cosplay : A New 'Dirk The Daring' has been found !                                    



 24/02/08 - New Dragon's Lair artworks by J.Junior ... WOOOWW !!!                           

    I've just found a gallery of pictures done by an artist called J.Junior. He's seems to be a huge Dragon's Lair fan regarding the great work he done on these wonderful artworks. Some are done with photoshop, others with 3DS max.


 Now ~enjoy~ all these beautiful pictures in the FAN'S LAIR section of this website.

 23/02/08 - The pinballs day : Two pinballs - one roadtrip !                                             


      Because I'm also a pinballs fan, and because my 'must have arcade games' list is *almost* complet, it's time of add few pinballs inside the lair.

Let's start with these two pinballs :


    Star Wars Trilogy *special edition* & Judge Dredd


 18/02/08 - Do you think you are a good player ?                                                          

                 the man !
         Is it possible to play Dragon's Lair & Space Ace at the same time ?

       ... yeah, sure ! Watch this video now and start the training !!!


 17/02/08 - Dragon's Lair for NES...  back in 1992                                                           

    I've add the Dragon's Lair NES review from the french magazine "Console+" in the Articles section. Thanks to Sam for the contribution... I hope you can read french by the way ?

No... this is not an other review from the AVGN ;-)


 04/02/08 - The real Dirk & Daphne are back !                                                                 

    I've just found few more pictures of our heroes ! Yes, yes, the ones in the real world ...still from the DragonCon 2006 cosplay convention...
                                                                                                                                   ~ Enjoy ~


 01/02/08 - GALAGA 'Diary Of A Renovation' - The circle is now complete                  


    This is it... The GALAGA renovation is done... See the all the details, learn some tips, and watch an eight minutes videoclip that will show you everything ! A real love story ^^  The full package is available right here

or you can jump directly to the video right here


 30/01/08 - Sold on Ebay : The original Dragon's Lair colored artwork...                 

 ... for the side band of the 1983 Walt Disney's DRAGONS LAIR lunchbox from Aladdin Industries. 
Gone for $600 (406€), the winner -according the previous evaluation- doesn't seems to be a Dragon's Lair collector but ... a collector of ... Lunchbox (Aladdin, Spiderman, Star Wars, Pac Man, ...). I hope he's also a big Dragon's Lair fan too !


Maybe some of you didn't see it on ebay these days.;. because the seller made a mistake in the title, see : ORIGINAL COLORED ART - 1983 DRAGAONS LAIR LUNCHBOX !
                                                                                                               ~ More details right here ~        


 29/01/08 - Don't want to save her, seriously ???                                                          

   The website gamesradar writed an article called :

"The Top 7 ... Damsels you DON'T want to save"

...and guess what ? Princess Daphne is on the top of that list  ...Can you believe it ?
Just for fun, have a look here ...

 27/01/08 - Karsteens Creation presents "STARtoons - Retro Rescue"                       

"I have always wanted to make an animated toon game, like 'Dragon's Lair' or 'Space Ace'...so Im doin' just that!...it will be based on my STARtoons characters, rather than utilizing copyrighted characters...this way, I can do whatever I like!

The game, entitled 'Retro Rescue', centers around Nikki and Nero (my STARtoons characters) being sent into cyberspace to rescue all the arcade classics characters from wiped from existance by a bad guy (who happens to suck at video games) called 'The Retronator'.

The game will be a first (I think) encorporating animated sequences the player interacts w/, plus 'mini games' in each level that pay tribute to arcade classics..."
Kevin K.

Previously discussed here in 2006, Kevin presents now a big update on this project. Have a look at his latest video on this post.  A must see... Impressive !!!

                   ...Tron, Q*Bert, Ms Pac Man, Donkey Kong... many of our heroes are in... Impresive !!!

 26/01/08 - Coin-OP Expo in London UK - ATEI 2008 The Report                                    

    The London Shows (ATEI, ICE and ICEi) underlined their reputation as being the most international expos on the industry calendar.I wasn't there this year, but here's a ton of pictures from the show, taken by BigPanik.
No blabla... just enjoy the pictures right here ^^

 23/01/08 - Galaga Official T-shirt... the last run !                                                              

    Since a long time, the *fabulous* official Galaga t-shirts collection is unavailable for sale at the official US store clubNAMCO.... untill now ! Have a look at the mail I got from them
: "We're happy to inform you that we just added back some stock of the Flight Academy t-shirt today. Please be aware though that the design is discontinued and we will not receive more inventory for the foreseeable future.".
So it's now or never !!! You are warned now ;-)                                                   ~ Visit the clubNAMCO store ~


 19/01/08 - Serial #1 Cinematronics Dragon's Lair is ALIVE !                                         

   Back in 2006. The location is the Finny's Lair in UK : One of the biggest piece of the Arcade history is in front of me : The Serial #1 Cinematronics Dragon's Lair cabinet... owned by Don Bluth himself !!!
Me  : Jason, can you plug it please ? Can I try it please ? Can I flim it please ?
Jas' : No problem my friend ^^

YYeeeeehhhaaaaaaaaa !!!!!   ...and I would like to share that moment with all the Dragon's Lair Fans of course !

Now, better than words, even better than pictures... ENJOY THE SN #1 VIDEO ;-)

              I wish you all to put your hands on a such piece of history. The Finny's museum is ...the HEAVEN !!!!

 17/01/08 - Sonic 1992's Gameroom Featured on G4TV's X-play !!!                               

     Ths is it for Sonic 1992 ! His *world* famous "Yesterdays" game room has been covered in the famous US Videogame Channel G4 for their show X-Play. The show is available here.                    ~Enjoy~

Sonic 1992 and an arcade game called "Dragon's Lair" ;-)

 ...Da Sonic Code...

 13/01/08 - JOF's Gameroom live & Brussels                                                                       


    So here is the presentation of my gameroom in brussels. I started collecting arcade and pinball 4 years ago. I met a lot of nice people on gamoover and arcadebelgium.

Motivated by the talent of some guys, i did my best to have a nice gameroom, that i present you today


 12/01/08 - Mike Ryan's collection updated :  Woooww !                                                   

   Personal Mile's collection goes bigger ! He finally finished collecting all the Dragon's Lair & Space Ace USA versions. Thanks for all of us, he finally had some time to take new pictures in order to share them with the Dragon's Lair fans community. Many thanks Mike ^^                                               

              It's seems that this place is going to be a complete Dragon's Lair museum too... Impressive !!!


 11/01/08 - Games on Disc & Dragon's Lair Awards                                                             

Laser disc...the future ?

      Back in january 1984 : Electronic Games monthy magazine proposed to the readers a four pages article regarding the next generation of games, on that strange new laser disc format...


    Also in that issue : The 1984 Arcade Awards by the editor of Electronic Games.
And guess what ? Yes, Dragon's Lair was of course in the list : Best coin-op game audio-visual effect !


                                        See full article in ultra high resolution scan right here

 09/01/08 - Sonic 1992's Gameroom : Welcome To Yesterdays                                     


    "Hello, After 10 months of work and taking care of a few bugs that have come up, I have finally finished my gaming room! 

With the exception of a few captions, I will let the pictures do the talking. 
Also, there will be a YouTube Video Tour at the end.  Enjoy!!!"

                                                                                       Sonic 1992


 03/01/08 - Dragon's Lair DS or PSP ? Both !!!                                                                        

   United Coders, developers of the Nintendo DS version of the game, are currently putting the finaltouches to the Nintendo DS version, and is currently seeking a publisher for a version of the game on the Sony PSP.

See the january 2008 official United Coders press release for all the details.


In addition, the United Coders website is currently being updated, including all the United Coders story.

Check out the publisher Conspiracy website for updates regarding the Nintendo DS version.

     United Coders story :

        Hans F. Olsen



 23/12/07 - Happy Holidays to all ^^                                                                              

Miss Univers 2008 ?

    To the dear readers I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year 2008.


    This year I challenge you to a new resolution. I challenge you to just be yourself Arcadelife style will be your way of live .. too ;-) So I expect from you  a lot of new funny roadtrips, restorations, arcade stories, gameroom construction and... Dragon's lair stuff of course !

This is also a good oppurtunity for me to say a BIG "thank you" to all of you, for sharing stories here, or simply beeig here to read some crazy adventures on this forum ^^

Ok, back to work ! As you can see, a new Princess Daphne drawing is available on the Fan's Lair section.

 22/12/07 - Sonic 1992's Gameroom to be Featured on G4TV's X-play !!!              

     The famous Sonic 1992 was contacted by the US Videogame Channel G4. They wanted to feature 'Yesterdays' (the name of his Gameroom) on their show X-Play.

The G4 crew came two days ago.
It  took about 5 hours for the interviews and the filming of the gameroom :

Sonic 1992 pictured with G4TV Producer  Mike Benson

 The Camera Crew in action

The episode of Chrismas Play should be aired sometime in January. Don't miss it... more details soon !

Thanks to Sonic 1992 for the information ;-)                                                                            ~DISCUSS~

What ? Never heard about that *amazing* Sonic 1992's Gameroom ??? Click right now on the following picture and discover what we call here : 'The American Dream' ;-)



 15/12/07 - Space Ace Promotion Kit / Coloring Contest                                              

   Discover the full SPACE ACE Promotion Kit in the Articles section. Go back in ...1984 !

             He's blue and mean and rides a speeder disc and is trying to capture Earth with the Infanto Ray... Borf !

 12/12/07 - Initiation Roadtrip - S.T.U.N. Runner & pinballs story in Luxembourg      

             Does it work ?

    Patrick : "...Hey Bruno, I know I place where we can maybe find old pinballs and few arcade games... I don't know which ones, but let's have a look together ?"
        Patrick : Eight Ball Champ & Fathom... not bad for starting a collection !


 08/12/07 - "STARBLADE : Operation Black Noise" by Starblade fans... Impressive !  


      Have a look at this unofficial Starblade game sequel project -currenlty in progress- by MIHÁLY SÁRÁNSZKI (MUSAIC) & GÁBOR MENYHÁRT - Redward Studios Inc.

The game follows the original Starblade : Six months passes after the destruction of 'Red Eye', the UGSF is at war with Piloreans. The enemy attacks the federation ships from time to time, since 4-5 years with little-bigger squads. Now they come out with a different plan...

The development status of the game is about 25%. General overview of the game, visuals, models can be seen on the project website here.
Also available on the website, a great "Starblade : Operation Black Noise" wallpapers and you can also listen a remixed track 'Original Startup Sequence With Underworld"... and last, but no least, you can see the 'Press Start' waiting screen on this video !        




 28/11/07 - Sir Benson is back... in a new episode !                                                          

   While most of videogames, in a few years (or months), disappear from the memory of the video-gamers, Dragon’s Lair, after more than 20 years from its creation, can still inspire new stories and characters. Sir Benson is one of these characters…

   If you missed it, check out the great *exclusive* interview from Andrea Martin, the creator of Sir Benson right here

     * Now watch out the last Sir Benson adventure *
           episode VIII 'Occhio al Ciglio'
- Discuss it here - Thanks to MightyPirate for the news -


Sir Benson or ...Road Runner ?


 25/11/07 - Dragon's Lair NES  version... what a review !!!                                            

      Angry Video Game Nerd: Dragon's Lair

The *famous* Nerd finally tears into one of the most notorious NES games ever : Dragon's Lair for Nintendo NES

Watch out in video why this game was one of the most frustrating game ever made. It's clear that it's seems impossible to finish it with five lives... ;-)

Now check out this *AMAZING* review right here


 17/11/07 - 'Belgium  Roadtrip'  -  Quest for G-LOC AIR BATTLE DLX from SEGA         

      This time, this will be a roadtrip inside my own country : Belgium ! And luckily for us, because the game is not small & easy to move : It's a G-Loc Air Battle Deluxe from Sega.


G-LOC: Air Battle is a 1990 air combat arcade game by Sega. The title refers to "Loss of Consciousness by g-force"
That cockpit is the intermediate version between the upright version... and the all famous *R360* ;-)



...Take My Breath Aways ...



 15/11/07 -  Galaxian3 Theater : Attack Of The Zolgear located ...                       


       ...who'll save this Galaxian3 Theater ???

     Thanks to PressStartComic.com, a new Galaxian3 Theater has been located is USA at FunWorld in Nashua New Hampshire.

The game is hopefully up & running, but it's been neglected : Only one speaker in the theater worked, and that one was VERY VERY low and it crackled. The screen had BAD glare and burn in from being there...

Who's next for a *massive* roadtrip ?  ;-)

See more pictures here


 13/11/07 -  MAJOR UPDATE - NEW FORUM ON THIS WEBSITE !!!                               

ecause the old phpBB2 forum starts to be very old, and because it was a *pain* to maintain, I choose to quickly update it to a brand new SMF forum, more 'modern', usefull and powefull !!!

Be indulgent... at this time, there are a lot of things to correct because the migration is not finished yet : bad colors on some posts, smileys missing, ... but it's on the way to be fixed ;-)

PLease don't hesitate to inform me about problems who could have on it.

PS : The customization of this new board is on the way ;-)

Hope you'll like it ^^


 09/11/07 - Euro Dragon's Lair and Space Ace playing on the Daphne emulator  !   

    Annoucement on the daphne-emu webiste by Matt Ownby (Daphne Creator) right here

 "I just added the European versions of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace to the latest v1.0 beta"

Thanks to MacDLSA for the update on this post :-)



 01/11/07 - 10th UK RoadTrip Anniversary - THE TRAILER  !!!                                       


  This is it... I've done my UK roadtrip number 10... the perfect moment for doing something special... like a video retrospective of all the UK roadtrip done until now ^^

Have a look at the video on this post , then watch out  the complet story of this *anniversary* roadtrip - quest for : Spy Hunter, Super Bug, Radarscope, Zaxxon & Galaga !



 29/10/07 - Coin-OP Expo in London UK - The Report                                                      



 23/10/07 -  Galaxian3 Archives on Namco Website                                                       

ound something great about the most incredible arcade 'cabinet'
Galaxian3 Theater... directly on the official NAMCO BANDAI website !

History of the game, the conception... and probably a lot of very interesting informations/stories about the game but also the conceptors of the game !!!

I say 'probably' because all that stuff is in Japanese and I do understand nothing :-(

I'll do my best to translate all of that in english, but there are maybe  some peoples around here who would like to help me on this ? ;-)

Anyway, check out the webpage right here

PS : Namco Rulez... but why in Japanese only ?



 20/10/07 - Dragon's Lair Blu-Ray - promo postcard                                                   

 ...adding this promo postcard in the Collectibles section.

...the kind of postcard I would like to receive for Christmas or Happy New Year for exemple ;-)



 14/10/07 -  Exhibition / Pinball Collector - PARIS -   THE REPORT                               

                   See in picture the report  for the first edition of the Pinball Collectior Exhibition called :

- Salon du Flipper & des Appareils à Monnayeurs -

 05/10/07 - UK *VIDEO* Roadtrip' ... Hunt for BATTLEZONE                                        


   Let's push the roadtrip into the next level... better then words, better than pictures... I'm proud to present the very first
VIDEO roadtrip !!!

  This time, the target is Atari's an Battlezone located
-once again - in UK.

    ... light ... camera ... ACTION !!!


 02/10/07 - UK Roadtrip' ... Quest for Scud Race & APB                                                 


      And here we go with a new UK roadtrip in order to bring back two games !

   Pat finally found THE Racing Game : SCUD RACE !

    ...and for me : an All Points Bulletin cab'


 26/09/07 -  Exhibition / Pinball Collector - PARIS ... this coming week end                    

   Be ready this coming week end for the first edition of the Pinball Collectior Exhibition called :

- Salon du Flipper & des Appareils à Monnayeurs -

The location is : Chailly en Bière (close to Paris - France)

The exhibition will be open this saturday 29 and sunday 30 september, from 10h00am to 6h00pm.

All the details right here (in french)

I'll be there under the banner of the best french vintage arcade website. I'm also moderator on that website, where you can find most of the stories published here... but in french ;-)


We will share the stand with our friends of the website Flippers-Jukeboxes.net ... many thanks to them :-)


...we will bring some arcade games of course... including this Space Ace cab and other surprises of course... ;-)


 21/09/07 - Namco's Starblade emulator : A New Hope ?                                                     

"I'm in the process of working around the last few issues affecting System21 emulation, including successful workarounds for lockups in Air Combat and Solvalou, emulation of scanline effects, and color glitches.
But one thing that really would be nice is a standalone emulator that can run these games full speed with more modest CPU requirements.  As it stands, I can run Starblade only in slow motion on my development laptop, which isn't much fun.
                   As you can see on pictures, there's no more missing graphics in the StarBlade emulation...

Towards this end, I will be packaging and releasing a emulator that runs System21 and System22 titles with hardware accelerated graphics and statically recompiled DSP code." -
Phil Stroffolino / Developer -

STROFF's Games & Emulation WIP - The Forum



 13/09/07 - Dragon's Lair II & Space Ace confrimed for Nintendo DS -                            

 "...it’s now official that we are developing Dragon’s Lair 2 and Space Ace immediately following the completion of Dragon’s Lair 1" - Hans - United Coders(*). Only one word : YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!

(*) Notice also that the press release mentions United Coders; we are no longer using the team name of Wizardry Engineering, but have reverted back to the name we used in the old 8-bit and 16-bit days, United Coders. The people are the same etc. just the name is different

 11/09/07 - USA Roadtrip Story ... Quest for BATTLEZONE !!!                                              


    Arcadefever : "...I have been looking for one for the last 2 years, but never got really lucky on my search...until a few weeks ago Cool found one on ebay, i decided to get it..."

           ...somewhere on that city... a Battlezone will rise again !


 07/09/07 - Dragon's Lair for Nintendo DS - update                                                             

Conspiracy Entertainment snaps up Dragon Lair for Nintendo DS...

Dragon Lair is due
to ship in the 1st quarter of 2008...

Conspiracy Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce that they have secured the publishing rights to one of the world’s best known gaming franchises; Dragon Lair. They will be releasing the original Dragon Lair and Dragon Lair II ‘Warp Time’ for the Nintendo DS. In addition, as part of this deal, they will also publish the DS version of Space Ace. United Coders (formerly announced as Wizardry Engineering) are developing all versions of the games.

Lead Programmer & Executive Producer, Hans Olsen of United Coders said:

This is such an important gaming franchise as it falls into one of those conversations ‘Do you remember were where you when Elvis or Diana died?’ except with this game it’s ‘Do you remember in which chip shop or arcade you first played this game?’. ‘We talked long and hard with the original creators of Dragon Lair - Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Rick Dyer – they were so impressed with our vision for these titles, that we now have these gaming gems to bring to the market in a new format’.

Dragon’s Lair DS features two modes of play; 1983 Arcade mode and Director’s Cut.

The 1983 version plays just like the original arcade released in 1983. This mode satisfies the hardcore gamer who wishes to re-live the first ever handheld version of Dragon’s Lair, that is 100% true to the original and has all scenes, all death scenes, and all the quirks and oddities found in that version.

The Director’s Cut is aimed mostly at players who have never experienced the game before, Dragon’s Lair plays somewhat differently in a very unique way; and in director’s Cut there is also full support for Rumble Pak, Stylus Support, Voice Recognition.

Dragon Lair is due to ship in the 1st quarter of 2008 with the others to follow at a later date.


 06/09/07 - Computer Space Fan ?! I'm sure you are ^^                                                

     .          Computer Space Fan ... the website !
   Wanna have more information about the first arcade game
   ever  made? Check out Computer Space Fan website now !

                    ...features my SN 10.290 ;-)


 05/09/07 - I'm 8 Bit  & Dragon's Lair Fans ...                                                                      

Another great picture, coming from the "I'm 8bit" Video Game art exposition. Thanks Dexter for the contribution:)


 03/09/07 - Princess Daphne FanArt by Tsai                                                                      


     Have a look at this nice Princess Daphne art done by Tsai


      (c) TSAI Art E-Deisgn - Check his Fan Art Pin-Up Gallery


 02/09/07 - Meeting with Level42, coming from Neederland                                          


 What a trip done by Level42 ! More than 320km driven just to have a good arcade day in the Nuno's Lair ... in Belgium ! A perfect  Arcade Life Style Story ;-)

Food, Arcade Stories, Games... and a lot of fun. Thanks for coming ^^



 30/08/07 - BELGIUM 'BAD TRIP ... Quest for Nothing...                                                   


   First roadtrip done by Pat in order to bring back for his kids a very nice Sega Touring Car game...

  ...but this is not going to be a good deal...

                 ...Hope this will be the only 'BadTrip' story here...


 26/08/07 - Pat's GameRoom is born...                                                                                 


   ... after many month of hard work, Pat has almost finished his own private Game Room... This room starts
  to welcome many various games for all his big family... Home Sweet Home... ;-)


 25/08/07 - 'GameRoom' page is now available                                                                  


 The GameRoom page is now available. It contains links of serveral private GameRooms from collectors/friends.

Note that page is not finished yet. Be patient if your game room is not listed here... It'll be done soon :-)

Feel free to contact me if you would like to be linked ;-)


 23/08/07 - Space Ace cartoon : episode 9 available                                                         

 ...and you know what ? This was the last episode ! Now all the 13 Space Ace episodes are available here !


        Here's the episode 9, called "The Phantom Shuttle"
                                Download it now :

...need some help ?


 20/08/07 - BELGIUM ROAD TRIP ... Quest for AFTER BURNER !                                         


   This time, it won't be a huge road trip... coz I've founded that game
  very close to my place.

  Here's is AFTER BURNER from SEGA !

                           ...Highway to the danger zone...


 18/08/07 - Space Ace cartoon : episode 4 available                                                         

                ...Kiiiimmmmmmmyyyy !!!
             Here's the episode 4, called "Moon Missile Madness"
                                Download it now :


 15/08/07 - Space Ace cartoon : episode 2 available                                                         

        Here's the episode 2, called "Cosmic Camp Catastrophe"
                                Download it now :

...do you recognize him ?


 12/08/07 - Space Ace cartoon : episode 11 available                                                         

          ...don't be affraid, it's still for kids ^^
             Here's the episode 11, called "Calamity Kimmie"
                                Download it now :


 10/08/07 - THE HEAVY METAL UK ROADTRIP  part 2  : Konami's Guitar Freaks !!!          


This is it... As a guitar player, it was not possible for me to skip that game ! I finally found one in UK... So, here we go again with a new UK roadtrip... Enjoy ;-)

Give me the sense to wonder, to wonder if I'm free.
Give me the sense to wonder, to know I can be me.
Give me the strenght, to hold my head up, spit back in their face.
Don't need no key, to unlock this door
gonna break down the walls,break out of this bad place.

Can I play with Madness?
       (c) Iron Maiden... don't you know ? ;-)




 08/08/07 - Space Ace cartoon : episode 3 available now !                                                

Space Ace cartoon

Episode 3 "Dangerous Decoy"

Download it right here, right now :





 07/08/07 - Quest for RoadBlasters, SEGA Mega-Tech & Operation Wolf ...by Wanou    

 Check out the latest Wanou's Roadtrip done to save nothing less than 3 arcade cabs' :

 Many thanks to him for writting it in english by the way (he's french)... you rock man ^^


 07/08/07 - Add of the latest ElPancho's roadtrip... in the Roadtrips section ^^             

 ...and just in case you miss this incredible roadtrip, don't waste any time... click on the picture now !!!

 ...more details on the Roadtrips section of this website.


 05/08/07 - Space Ace cartoon : episode 7 available now !                                                

Space Ace cartoon

Episode 7 "Age Ray Riot"

Download it right here, right now :





 04/08/07 - Dragon's Lair for Nintendo DS - update from Wizardry Engineering             

                        Got news from Wizardry Engineering :

- we have secured funding for the entire game
- we are in full production
- we have secured publishing deal, meaning the product now has a partner, who is putting the game onto the shelves in Feb/Mar next year! ;-)

Development itself is going great! It plays amazingly! We have listed to all the feedback (we got hundreds of emails) and priority is SINGLE SCREEN but, Dual-Screen is there TOO as an OPTION. But its obvious the fans like single Screen better, so we listen and focus on that. It plays so darned fantastic right now!! ;-)

more HERE


 02/08/07 - THE HEAVY METAL UK ROADTRIP  part 1 !                                                           

            No stop signs, speed limit
        Nobody's gonna slow me down
           Like a wheel, gonna spin it
       Nobody's gonna mess me round
            Hey Satan, paid my dues
            Playing in a rocking band
            Hey Momma, look at me
     I'm on my way to the promised land

            I'm on the highway to hell
                    (Don't stop me)

Check out the Part 1 of this UK roardtrip... done for the glory of the Heavy Metal...

As a guitarist, I could not skip such game or course !!! I also like to play drums, but that is an other story... for now, enjoy the first part of this 'NWOHBMB' RT ... in UK of course ;-) ...right HERE right now !!!


 31/07/07 - Space Ace cartoon : episode 5 available now !                                                 


             Here's the episode 5, called "Perilous Partners"

                                Download it now :




 30/07/07 - Dragon's Lair - The Movie- Snake preview ???                                                 

..well, not exaclty, but it still funny to see our favorite hero alive... Enjoy this one :

Thanks to karcreat for the link on your post ^^ - D


 30/07/07 - ARCADELIFESTYLE.NET - website of the week ^^                                              


Wooow... what a nice surprise... I went yesterday on one of my favorite US arcade website ARCADECONTROLS.COM ... and I discover that my website is elected 'Site of the week' by the all famous Saint =) A big thanks to him and to all others great  fellows who send me mails, contribute or post on the forum to share their arcade stories...

I'm sure most of you know this great website, but for those who don't know... go right now here :




 29/07/07 - MY 'ARCADE' ORIGINS - THE YEAR ZERO - TRAVEL IN TIME !!!                           

What a day ! I was yesterday in a mythic place for me.

A place which changed my life, in a certain way...

I was in the game room where I discovered & played most of the games for the first time !!! I also met the same peoples who work there since the beginning ^^

From the end of the 70' until the years mid-90', that room was the place who allows me to play most of the classics...

Have a look at this perfect exemple of 'ArcadeLifeStyle', right here...


 28/07/07 - Galaxian 3 Theater up and running ?                                                                    



Have a look at this very old french video documentary (1993 but I'm not sure), if you are just curious to see what is a Galaxian 3 Theater 'in action' !

Download the video (253MB), and forward to 5 min40 sec  !

Others interesting things on that video :

at 5:10 - presentation of the *famous* SEGA R360 simulator

at 7:10 - presentation of 'Virtuality'

Argggg... I can't wait to play it on my ...humm... 'cab' ?!
Rolling Eyes

* thanks to Harpinos for the video link *


 28/07/07 - Donkey Kong Record Fails                                                                                     

Man Shatters Donkey Kong World Record Exactly 25 Years After First Setting It in 1982

Fairfield, Iowa - July 26, 2007 - Even though he was proclaimed the "Video Game Player of the Century" in Tokyo in 1999, that doesn't stop Billy Mitchell from adding more glory to his legendary reputation. On Friday, July 13, 2007, exactly 25 years after setting the original world record, Billy scored a high-score on the legendary Donkey Kong arcade game that has been verified to be the new world record.

In front of an audience of hundreds, including Twin Galaxies Senior referee Todd Rogers, Mitchell scored 1,050,200 points – a new world record !

Check out for more here :



 27/07/07 - Space Ace cartoon : It is back !!!                                                                        


...after very very very long time. My video capture setup was out...until today. I have a new setup, so the first test is this episode ;-) I'm back on this serie ^^

Here's the Space Ace cartoon episode 6, called 'Fronzen In Fear', available right here, right now for download !

                               Right here :
  ...the other ones will be available very soon this time ;-)


 26/07/07 - New documentory on 80's arcade and the video games champions          

"Culminating with the nationally televised 1982 Video Game World Championships, director Lincoln Ruchti takes us on a wild ride through the live of the first arcade celebrities, resulting in an eye-popping collage of retrogaming goodness. While the perspective on video gaming that Ruchti gives us in insightful, the colorful characters that he unearths along the way are this film's true treasure." - Adam Montgomery, Sundance Film Festival

...features Billy Mitchell "player of the century for his wolrd record at Pac Man, and many other gods of arcade, back in the days...



 26/07/07 - OUT RUN 2SP is now compatible for XBOX 360                                                  

Since few days, Out Run 2SP & Out Run 2006 Coast to Coast are now playable on XBOX 360.
If you plan to put a console into a dead racing cab... then go for an XBox 360 !
With the upcoming release of Sega Rally... and with that arcade perfect Out Run 2 conversion, no doubt is possible. The next step will be for me to check if the local network is fully working on this version... and I go for a twin XBOX360 cab... Now enjoy this video :

All the story about this cab' here Wink


 25/07/07 - A Galaxian Theater inside a bathroom ???                                                         

OK, that huge roadtrip is finished of course... but I made a promise to all the 'Galaxian3Theater' parts keepers that I'll get as soon as possible all the items that take them so many place (according them of course) Rolling Eyes  !!!


It's now time to keep one's word... The story continues...here


 24/07/07 - Dirk & Daphne - Erotic Art                                                                                      

Here's an 'interesting' vision of our favorite characters Dirk & Daphne :


Draw by an Indian? artist called 'Naga'. This is the only picture related to Dragon's Lair. Full size picture available in the Fan's Lair section of this website.

See all her artistic universe at the Naga's Den website (Beware...Erotic Art).


 24/07/07 - Asteroids in the lastest Bruce Willis movie                                                          

I saw yesterday the lastest Die Hard in theater : Live Free or Die Hard 4.0 ... and what a surprise to see an Asteroids cabinet in a long sequence (approx five minutes), at the end of the movie. I only have this youtube picture to show you :

...and to be honest, when I saw the cab, I forget to follow the story... I just wanted to see it more on screen ^^
Better pictures of course when the DVD will be available for sale...


 23/07/07 - Arcade Lifestyle Website is born !!!                                                                       

As you probably see if you are regular here, it's not only about Dragon's Lair universe all the time on this website. I got a lot of responses regarding -of course- the Dragon's Lair univers, but also regarding the roadtrips, Arcade tips & hints, GameRoom presentation, Arcade collection, Arcade fan attitude...

A lot of people seem to have the same point of view about all of that : doing roadtrips, 3 hours per day on ebay, sharing informations or having some fun on several arcade forums, meetings,..., and of course, playing arcade games ;-)
It's more a kind of 'lifestyle' than pure gaming or arcade collecting don't you think ? I really think all of this is a kind of Arcade Lifestyle !

So I thought it was time to adapt this website in consequence....

Welcome to ARCADELIFESTYLE.NET, the twin brother of DRAGONSLAIRFANS.COM website, because both url with lead you to the same hompage.

So please be indulgent, this website transformation will need some time, and some pages won't be available yet or could have some errors... it's just a matter of time ;-) I prefere to publish the new pages and adapt them online than wait several weeks.
So take a ride to the new 'Roadtrips' section, if you like adventure ... I'll soon add new 'unpublished' roadtrips, and also add roadtrips from members here ;-)

By the way, I would like to thanks all the contributors who helped me to present you really great stuffs here until now :) And also all the cool people who sent me nice emails. You rock buddies !!!

So, more than never... Stay Tuned ;-)
                                                                                                                Darth Nuno


Spread the Arcade Passion ...                                                         

This is it ! It pays... Let's spread the passion.... Let's talk about Arcade Spirit to all our friends & collegues... Every days, all the time ;-)  And they'll soon fall to the dark side of the force....Pat' is one of them ...
'This is your first step into a new world, my young padawan ^^


SEGA Daytona USA ... playing FORZA Motorsport II                             

While I'm still trying to fix the Daytona USA boards, I'm now able to enjoy that racing cab in an other way... FFFoooooooorrrrrzzzzzzzaaaaa !!!! ;-)
'Having fun on the DAYTONA USA. cab'


Sir Benson... Exclusive interview with Andrea Martin, his creator !          

And here's a brand new exclusive interview from the Sir Benson creator Andrea Martin, especially done for dragonslairfans website. Many thanks to Andrea, but also for Vince 'Mighty Pirate" who done the interview and translated it in english for us ;-)
SIR BENSON"s dad interview


ELPancho's UK ROADTRIP ... quest for FIVE dedicated cabs !!!                 

Onno 'ElPancho' is proud to present us an other HUGE international roadtrip done to bring back no less than FIVE old school & dedicated cabs from UK... to Netherlands !!!
The games are : PAC MAN, ASTEROIDS, MAPPY, DONKEY KONG & PAPERBOY ... Impressive !!!

The Roadtrip... right here, right now !!!


Dual Screen Dragon's Lair ?                                                             

"The classic laser disc game is in the works. Touch screen and voice recognition ?"

- source : IGN.com / Thanks to Apinion for the submission.
Dual Screen Dragon's Lair


UK ROADTRIP for ...COMPUTER SPACE !!!!!!!!                                   

Computer Space is a video arcade game released in November 1971 by Nutting Associates. Created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, who would both later found Atari, it was the world's first commercially sold coin-operated video game — and indeed, the first commercially sold video game of any kind.

NOW PLAYING INSIDE THE NUNO'S LAIR !!! ... I still can't believe it... Impressive !!!



Dragon's Lair "Conversion Capers" new article added                             

"Find out how to squeeze a coin-op into an humble 8-bit computer"
(c) RetroGamer Magazine '07
See the articles page


Dragon's Lair for Blu-ray Disc player                                                   

This version was put on sale serveral month ago... but ... I didn't include it in the home system conversion list... It's done now. What a shame, I even don't have a PS3 or a Blu-ray disc player to test it :-/
Games collection page


Sir Benson... a new Dirk The Daring ?                                                 

Have a look at this italian webcartoon called 'Sir Bensen'. Really nice... normal... It's so close than our Dirk, don't you think ? Thanks to 'Mighty Pirate' for the link ^^


COLLECTOR : The Brian's collection                                                    

And here is the impressive "Dragon's Lair" collection of Brian. Thanks to him for sharing it here^^
Collectors page


FAN'S LAIR : Fabio's Artworks added                                                   

Custow Dragon's Lair artworks done by Fabio Pancaldi. More great stuff on his website "Dragon's Lair - The Revenge".
Fan's Lair section


FANS'S LAIR : David's Artworks added                                                 

Custow Dragon's Lair artworks done by David Berrettini. More great stuff on the Fabio's website "Dragon's Lair - The Revenge".
Fan's Lair section


NAMCO CLASSICS 'SoundDrop' Toys                                                  

...So useless... but so fun ... push on that japanese 'new wave' toy, and listen your favorites arcade games sound ^^ Waka waka waka waka ^^
Namco Classics Toys...


Dragon's Lair DVD                                                                           

Back in 2003, the guys who bought the PSW UK magazine n° 37 had the chance to receive the full DVD version of Dragon's Lair ! Lucky men ^^
Special versions page


Dragon's Lair HD for PC                                                                    

...I know...I know... This is not the latest release of the game... This HD version came in 2006... but what a shame, I didn't include it in the list. Done now ^^
Games collection page


Dragon's Lair II flyer                                                                         

Finally found an original Dragon's Lair II flyer to complete the flyers collection...at least ! If someone needs a highest resolution file of it... just ask ;-)
Flyers Collection


New Products available for Dragon's Lair / Space Ace cab / Repro parts     

Still looking for parts to finish your cab' restoration ? Have a look at the website linked below.... Some interesting parts like : Power switch plates, rear fan cover, Atari label kit, ...
Repro parts for your cab'


Dragon's Lair door hanger                                                                   

Dragon's Lair door hanger - unofficial stuff ... but funny ^^
Items section


Dragon's Lair II for sale in UK                                                               

As you know, a Dragon's Lair is not common game here in europe. That is the reason why I notify this ebay sale...
That cab' needs some works anyway ! But nothing impossible...
Dragon's Lair II for sale


SONIC's GAME ROOM !!! A WORLD RECORD ???                                         

No, it's impossible ?! I can't believe it ! No normal human can do that !!!
Barry (aka Sonic 1992) is doing it... he's building a HUGE private game room...
Thanks to him to share with us all that *amazing* story in pictures here :-)
Sonic's Game Room... The Dream Is Coming True - part 1


Dragon's Lair Interview with David Foster                                               

A new interview of David Foster from Digital Leisure on www.DreamStation.cc website. Sample : "We were fortunate enough to get in touch with David Foster of Digital Leisure, who recently re-released the arcade classic Dragon's Lair on Blu-Ray disc for play in your shiny new PS3 or any standard Blu-Ray player..."
Read the full interview of David Foster on DreamStation website


STARBLADE from Namco... for sale in USA                                               

No, this is not my cab' ;-)
A rare opportunity... in US
It's not common to see that game for sale. I hope this one will go to a true collector ^^
Someone here to save it ??? ^^
Starblade on ebay US


Space Ace Flip Book                                                                           

Add a new Space Ace item area in the colletibles/items section : The Space Ace Flip B
ooks : These were used by the studio as promos for the popular animated Laser Disc TV Video Game. All 3 are dated 1983... very cheap & easy to found on ebay ;-)
Items section


GALAXIAN3 THEATER - The Incredible RoadTrip !!!                                    

Yeeeesss ... I dit it... One of the most incredible 6 players arcade game ever made is now mine ! Check out the *amazing* two days roadtrip done to bring back the biggest arcade game ever made in the world... Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome NAMCO's Galaxian 3 Theater ^^
The *historical* Roadtrip... right HERE !


MAJOR ROADTRIP : The Complete Bluth's Arcade Trilogy in one trip!            

IMPRESSIVE !!! Have a look right now at the Amadama's roadtrip done to bring back THREE cabs : Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II and ... Space Ace !
Oh my God ^^ Congrats & thanks for sharing it.
Amadama's RoadTrip !!!


Dragon's Lair set of ClipArt                                                                   

Thanks to Allister Fiend for sending me the result of his hard work : a  set of Dragon's Lair cliparts collecting off web as well as scanning and cutting out some pics from the Lo Res and HD versions.
Now, let's share ^^
Download the full set


'Space Weapons" toy                                                                          

Add a new toy from Space Ace area in the colletibles/items section.
Perfect weapons for ...ages 3 & up ^^
Items section


Dragon's Lair now... on Blu-Ray                                                             

Once again, Dragon's Lair is at the top of the technology : it's the first full Blue-Ray Java title on the new media made by Sony : Blu-Ray !
Dragon's Lair Blu-Ray review on hardcoreware.net website


Dragon's Lair "escape from Singe's castle" new "old" article added                

Add Dragon's Lair, "escape from Singe's castle" french quick review for PC... back in 1992 !
See the articles page


STARBLADE... lot of 12 games for 3DO                                                    

...got a lot of 12 Starblade games for 3DO. But why the hell do I have to got that ? Call it Starblade Mania ^^
Starblade decicated page


STARBLADE... the Operators Manual                                                       

This is it... The Starblade Operators manual is now available for download on my Starblade page.
I hope it can help fews friends on this forum^^
Starblade decicated page


SEGA Daytona USA ... Roadtrip + WIP                                                    

This time, it's not me but my wife !!!. Have a look at her second roadtrip done to bring back this SEGA Daytona USA Twin cab' !!!
DAYTONA USA. roadtrip + WIP


Space Harrier from SEGA ! UK Roadtrip inside ! Enjoy !                               

Have a look at my new game... a Sega Space Harrier upright cab... US model, in an *amazing* condition ! It's looks like a brand new cab !!! Thanks my lord :-)
Now playing in the Nuno's Lair... ;-)
Space Harrier U.K roadtrip


Australian cab for Dragon's Lair by Leisure & Allied industries                       

Seen on Australian ebay. This one is not set up for Dragon's Lair, but I'm sure the lucky new owner will fix that soon ^^
more details here


Now you can have Dragon's Lair serial #1 cab' at home                              

Marco "MacDLSA" strikes back...  This time he gives us the mini arcade paper version of the *all famous* Dragon's lair serial #1 cab'... Enjoy ^^
Get the SN#1 now


Dragon's Lair & Space Ace intro... for your mobile !                                    

Got from Marco "MacDLSA" the Dragon's Lair (euro) & Space Ace video files... for your mobiles.
Watch the Dragon everywhere now^^
Attract mode of your fav' games... everywhere !


A new Pac Man cab' is born... An important step is done !                           

This is it... The most delicate part of the work is done : all the artworks are applied and the paint is done...
Pac Man cab... like *brand new*


Space Ace (Atari) mini paper arcade available                                          

Got from Marco "MacDLSA" the Space Ace euro version sheet
Now take the adhesive and the scissors...
Space Ace mini paper arcade


Rolling Thunder from NAMCO ! U.K. roadtrip inside !!!                                 

Since today, in UK, one Rolling Thunder cab' is missing...
Guest what ? There is one more Rolling Thunder cab' in Belgium ^^
Rolling Thunder... from UK to Belgium


A new Pac Man cab' is born... (hhhmm, well not yet but it's on the way)      

What to do with a dead & empty Midway cab ? The answer can be yellow thing ^^ Waka Waka Wakka !
Pac Man cab... welcome home ^^


Dragon's Lair Timewarp... and the Pirate Ship level ?                                 

...Have a look a the Dragon's Lair TimeWarp longplay video for the Amiga port of the game. It includes a part of the famous missing 'Pirate ship' level... Does readysoft work with real script from Don Bluth or is it all -in house- creation ?
youtube.com interessting links...


Exhibition : Game On in UK ... features Dragon's Lair ?                                

Explore the history, technology & culture of computer games in this exhibition...
As promised at the Euromeet 06, here's few pictures of that expo ^^
But... where is a Dragon's Lair cab' ?

Game On : short report


Generic cab' inspired by Dragon's Lair II ?                                                 

At the first sight, it looks like Dragon's Lair 2 cab' ... but it's not :-(
Did you already see a generic cab with a shape -so close- than the Dragon's Lair II cab ?

Generic cab... the 'Dragon's Lair II' touch


Dragon's Lair II : Transcript                                                                   

Lee : "
I put this together after a conversation at the 2006 Dragon's Lair Euromeet where I was told that it is has not been possible to create a transcript for Dragon's Lair 2 because it is too difficult to hear, to the point where English speaking people cannot understand some of the dialogue. I thought this strange as I think I understand all of it, so I have written what I think is said below"
Transcript by Leeram


EVENT : Dragon's Lair Euro Fans meeting in UK... the REPORT                       

WOW !!!! What an event... The Dragon were in his lair last week... in UK !!! Amazing...
DL EURO Fans meeting... the official report ^^


Dirk the Daring ...playable on a Mortal Kombat game                                    

Another way to play with Dirk the Daring ;-)
youtube.com interessting links...


"SPACE ASS" ... a new parody game from Karcreat                                      

Remember the wonderfull job done by Karcreat on "Chicken's Lair" ? Now he's working on a similar parody with Space Ace characters ^^ A trailer is already available, go and watch it now !!!


cclick to enlarge

Dragon's Lair for ...SONY PSP !!!                                                              

Spanish fans start to work on a SONY PSP version of Dragon's Lair. OKey, there is only the first level playable, but it's definitively a great idea :-) I don't have a PSP yet, so I'm not able to test it :-(
See more infomation at the link below...
Thanks to Steph 'ZX81' for the link ^^
Dragon's Lair for PSP demo... works with Firmware 1.5


STARBLADE / GALAXIAN 3 : the complete Original Sound Track                      

I finally found this original Japan 92' CD from Namco, in a mind condition. The box includes of course the CD, but 2 stickers Starblade & Galaxian3, a 22 pages book with artworks & concept arts, and...  the scores of the main StarBlade theme, for 8 instruments !
Of course, all the songs from that CD are available for download here... ENJOY ^^
I want to listen that NAMCO CD now !!!


ATARI sticker for EURO Dragon's Lair cab is now available                              

Thanks to the work of Igorstellar, the specific Atari sticker only available on Euro Dragon's Lair cabinet is now available here to download ^^
ATARI sticker... I WANT IT NOW


EVENT : Dragon's Lair Euro Fans meeting in UK... at the Finn'ys lair                  

Jason, Justin Goodheart and Matteo Marioni are organizing a Meet at "Finny's Lair" from Friday 15th-17th Dec, There will be food with soft drinks and good old English cups of tea and coffee flowing all day, Matteo will be giving Justin some Tech tips, there will be boards and players in bits all over the place as matteo and justin as normal try to fix everything!!!everyone plays and talks lasergames, we have called it "the Euro meet" because we doubt anyone from outside Europe will be able to come although you are all welcome...
Questions...right here


SPACE ACE : My restoration project is... DONE !!!                                         

...4 month ago, I've started the restoration of a completely trashed Space Ace cab'...
Today, that cab is back to life ! After so many years, I finally own the Bluth games trilogy :-)
Enjoy the WIP now ^^
See all the restoration here


SPACE ACE : the first cab' ever made !!!                                                    

...back in 1977, Amutech LTD. release a "SPACE ACE" game in the arcades ;-)

What is that cab ?


SPACE ACE : the cartoon... episode 8 is available                                        

Vaughn sends Ace and Kimberly to a frontier planet to assist the local authorities. The crook that's giving 'em such a rough time just happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to Dexter...
Download it from the video section


SPACE ACE : the cartoon... episode ONE is ready                                        

Borf's direct attack on the Moon Colony masks his true plan, which involves using the Infanto Ray on his Groots and getting Trader Ed to sell them to the unsuspecting colonists.

"Call me Ace" ;-)
Download it from the video section


SPACE ACE : the cartoon... episode 9 available now !                                   

One again, Space Ace and his girlfriend, Kimberly, must face down against the evil Commander Borf...
Download it from the video section


Dragon's Lair : Complete C64 video                                                             

Here is the Dragon's Lair full C64 video... Remember it ? Enjoy !
Download it from the video section


Escape from Singe's castle : Complete C64 video                                          

Don't want to configure a C64 emulator to give a try to that Dragon's Lair port ? So just download the video & watch the game played on c64, from the begining to the end, in realtime...
Download it from the video section


STARTECH : Space Ace preview + Laserdisc Repair ...                                   

Woowww... more than 10 pages about "Space Ace" : new system preview (hardware) + a brillant article about Laserdisc repair : Theory & Safety... Enjoy !!!
Articles page


Dragon's Lair for PC & COMPATIBLE...EGA version                                          

I got this 13 !!!  disks version of the game, released in 1989 for PC. I already have the 3 1/2 disk version of the same game...
Games collection page


Dragon's Lair for ATARI Jaguar CD                                                               

I got this *brand new & unopen* Jaguar CD version of the game. Argggg, I have to open the box for scan... too bad isn't it ? ;-)
Games collection page


Technical section / Dragon's Lair Amiga Software Corner disk                           

Can this version will help the "Laser Bridge" project to go further... Anyway, just have a look on this version running on a true Amiga 500... but without the laser disc player :-(
Software Corner Amiga disk version pic or remind me please what is Laser Bridge project ?


SPACE ACE : the cartoon... episode 10 available now !                                   

Kimberly gets stuck with guard duty at Space Command HQ while Ace competes in the Galaxy Games. Naturally, Borf tries to capitalize on this situation...
Download it from the video section


"Award Winners"...features Space Ace !                                                       

"Award winners presents 4 of the greatest games of all time in one fantastic value pack"...they said in 1990... OK, there is Space Ace inside. ;-)
Compilation Collection


Dragon's Lair, the arcade flyer                                                                    

At least, I got this *mind* Dragon's Lair arcade flyer... Better late than never ;-)
Flyers Collection


Midway's Galaxian... operation 'back to life' started !                                      

Galaxian... one of my favorites games... I can let that cab' non working any longer ! Here we go...
We are the Galaxian !!!


Dedicated Space Ace flyer                                                                         

Finally found an original dedicated "Space Ace" flyer...at least ! Have a look at this fabulous & very rare arcade cab' version of the game ^^
Flyers Collection


Dragon's Lair, the coloring book...                                                                

Got one of the three Dragon's Lair coloring books made by Marvel Book...back in old days.
Art by Don Bluth Animation, story by Dwight Jon Zimmerman. Great original draws inside...
Check the Collectibles  page


How to "CapKit" a Wells-Gardner K4600 series 19" monitor ?                              

...I had to "CapKit" my original WG K4600 monitor, coming from my DEFENDER cab'... so why not taking a lot of pictures and make a quick tutorial ? Let's share !!!
See step by step the famous 'CapKit' operation...


Italian Sidam Space Ace cab' : the restoration... one step further                      

Igorstellar send me updated pictures on that *amazing* Italian cabinet version of Space Ace !
Check it out...
Sidam Space Ace restoration


Get back your old Commodore 1084S monitor...                                              

...and use it to test your PCB outside your cab', or simply play your fav' games on an arcade perfect monitor ^^
Yes, you can do something with it...


Italian Luna Park... still there  in 2006 ?                                                         

Take a ride to the Italian Luna Park at the Rimini/Riccione Italian coast...
Gaming room... around the world.


Space Invaders part II / cocktail...                                                               

Let's start to work on that Taito's cocktail game...


Mike's collection...                                                                                     

Have a look at the Mike's Bluth collection. He's a lucky owner of the 'Bluth Arcade Games Trilogy"... Impressive !
Oh, by the way, the "Collectors" section will migrate to a new version ;-)
Mike's Collection


Dragon's Megamix by Koto                                                                           

Listen the Megamix version of the famous  80's tune "Dragon's Legend" from the Italian synth group Koto.
This version is mixed with parts of "Jabdah", "Chinese Revenge", "Visitors" and "Japanese War Game"
Listen Dragon's Megamix


Tech : Presentation of the 22VP932 Philips Laser Disc player                             

Thanks to the 'Laser Bridge team', here's is the presentation of the 22VP932 Philips LDP, well know by all of European laser disc game collectors...
Hail to Igorstellar & Xadhoom (
CAMPIONI DEL MONDO) for that brillant & very usefull article ^^
Let's talk about 22VP932...


Arcade Raid reload : The Lost Galaxian and the Pole Position                             

Last time I've missed the third Galaxian 'sister'... now reunited ^^
I also got a sleeping Pole Position :-)
Arcade Raid... part II


GAMING ROOM "around the world" section is now... OPEN                                  

During all my trips, I get some time to visit several public or private game rooms... I wanna share the visit with all arcade fans of course^^
Let's start with a small public game room, close to my place...
"Q45" gaming room @ Luxembourg... small but...


SPACE ACE : the cartoon... finally !                                                              

This is it !!! Space Ace cartoons are on the way... episode 13 of the cartoons serie "Infanto Fury" is now online.
Download it from the video section


Arcade Raid : quest for Galaxian, Galaxian & Space Invaders Part II                    

Three new cabs after that great 'Arcade Warehouse' day ^^
The twin Midway sisters and the invaders...


Dragon's Lair : Starcade, the "Dragon's Lair" vhs                                             

Yeah baby Yeah... I got the original VHS (re-edition in year 2000) Dragon's Lair Starcade special 84' TV show.
"In this episode we asked an 'expert' to play the game from the start to Dragon's Lair demise so that we could show more screens..."
ENJOY the full show in video or Have a look at the original vhs box


Dragon's Lair : the cartoon... one more episode !                                            

"The Girl From Crow's Wood", episode 8 of the cartoons serie is now online.
Download it from the video section


Dragon's Lair creators interview + the pirate ship ?!                                        

Interview with the creators PLUS the "lost" Dragon's Lair II scenes.
Also an interview with David Foster from Digital Leisure.
Now available for the fans here...

(c) VIDEO GAME -collector-
See the articles page


DEFENDER... inside my lair                                                                          

I'm now a proud owner of a true classic coin'up ! The icon of 80's games ! I say "DEFFFFENDDEERR" !!!
Nederland roadtrip... Quest for a new baby ...


Dragon's Lair : the cartoon... one more episode !                                            

... "The Song of Chimes", episode 7 of the cartoons serie is now online.
Download it from the video section


Technical section is available...                                                                  

Europe had specific versions of our favorites games.... We have the luck to know great technicians for that specific hardware, right here, in EUROPE ! They are now ready to share everything... Now it's time for BACK TO TECH...
Snake Preview... a new card "Laser Bridge" still in development by Igorstellar & Xadhoom... Hail to them.... check it NOW what it'll let you do ;-)


Dirk the Daring... in chocolate !                                                                  

Another great collectible item right here. Thanks to Namfreak for sharing it with us^^
Dirk the Daring... Would you like to eat it ?


SPACE ACE... soon alive in the Nuno's lair                                                     

Woooww, what a day... I've met for the second time Jas' in his U.K. Lair...  It's the DL heaven... and... I've got after so many years my own Space Ace cab. OK, it's in a very bad shape, but I'll restore it for sure. Enjoy the roadtrip anyway^^
Space Ace roadtrip in UK


Dragon's Lair : the cartoon... one more episode !                                            

...wanna see Singe (named
Cinge here), the Giddy Goons ? Right here, right now in an new episode available for download.
Download it from the video section


DAPHNE ... DAPHNE... DAPHNE...      speak to me ^^                                      

This is it !!! I've found the girl behind that beautifull princess Daphne cosplay !!! INTERVIEW !!! ^^
Kitty "Princess Daphne" interview...


Dragon's Lair : the cartoon... one more episode !                                            

All Dragon's Lair fans know the Black Knight. Called "Phantom Knight" here, meet him once again on his famous horse... and also his checkered floor !
Download it from the video section


Dragon's Lair : the cartoon... ONLINE                                                            

...back in 84, Dragon’s Lair mania didn’t stop at the arcade! Like Pac-Man before him, Dirk the Daring soon made his way to saving the princess every Saturday morning via a comedy-adventure cartoon show. The series lasted from 1984 to 1985, and finally gave the kids what they wanted, more animated footage of Dirk in action...
Only one episode available online now, but the others are on the way right now... Check it out !
Drink me ??? No, no.. DOWNLOAD ME !!!


Flyers section is online                                                                               

Check out the various flyers done to promote the games...
Flyers Collection


Dragon's Lair : the movie... ???                                                                    

Any idea about how a Dragon's Lair movie would resemble... ? ^^
How about this ?


Dragon's Lair in High Definition...                                                                   

Digital Leisure Announces Dragon's Lair HD !
Digital Leisure website


Dragon's Lair for MEGA CD                                                                           

Finally found the european version for the SEGA MegaCD. Thanks to Sam for the ebay link^^
Game collection


Dragon's Lair for NES                                                                                  

Add a new version in the DL game collection : the Japanese release for NES... in 1990
Game collection


New Dirk & Daphne fans...                                                                           

Thanks to the OTAKON 2004 Cosplay Convention, I found a new couple of Dragon's Lai Fans(tm)
Dirk the Daring & Princess Daphne at OTAKON


Dragon's Lair II TimeWarp : Demonstration Disc for CD-I                                    

...found a *not for resale* CD-I version of DL2 TimeWarp.
DL2 : TiimeWarp Demonstration Disc


Dragon's Lair "Spiel-Hallen HITS"                                                                   

...found a new german bundle which includes the W95 port of the game and an hints book.
Check it on a new section of the website...
Check the Games "others"  page


Dirk the daring and princess Daphne... more than alive (part II)  !                       

More Daphne & Dirk pictures ? Are you Dirk or Daphne ? Let's rock :-)
Dirk or Daphne ^^


Dragon's Lair "The Making Of" new RetroGamer's article available                         

...Rick Dyer's Dragon's Lair introduced a new kind of game to the arcades and successfully kick-started a brand new genre...
(C) Retro Gamer www.retrogamer.net
See the articles page


Chicken's Lair - pc game tribute is on the way..                                               

A great new from Kevin Karstens [Karstens Creation]  !
His current work on the FAMILY GUY PC tribute game is close to the end ...
GO and download the fantastic trailer NOW !!! S.P.E.C.T.A.C.U.L.A.R.
Kevin's Chicken's Lair page and free to comment here


Space Ace 2 on Amiga : extra footage...                                                        

The home computer version of Space Ace arcade game for 16/32 bit computers includes some Readysoft in-house new levels. It's moslty done with existing animations. Have a look ^^
See the end of Space Ace 2


Dirk ...revisited !                                                                                       

The 2006 edition of the I am 8-bit show featuring art inspired by the classic era of video games opened last night (18th) at Gallery nineteen eighty eight. There were some great pieces on display which took classic 8-bit videogame characters and themes and reinterpreted them visually or thematically. Of course Dirk is one of them...
'Im 8-bit' Dirk pictures


Dirk the daring and princess Daphne... alive ?                                                 

the Studio Creations Crew interviewed a few of their fellow costumers at the 2005 DragonCon Convention. Happy to see Dragon's Lair characters^^
Video of Dirk & Daphne


STAR WARS Trilogy Arcade... now playing in the Nuno's Lair                              

I got the ultimate Star Wars game : a SEGA's Star Wars Arcade Trilogy arcade...DELUXE !!
See that 'monster'


Space Ace... custom t-shirt                                                                        

Got from PongNation (ebay store) this brand new unoffical Space Ace T-shirt^^
Check the Collectibles  page


Space Ace... Robot Playset toy                                                                    

Another toy, back from the past... If you look closer, it's still impossible to recognize any item from the Space Ace univers ! SHame on that !!!
Check the Collectibles  page


Dragon's Lair, Space Ace... a new load of french articles !                                

Add Dragon's Lair 2 Timewarp, Space Ace 2 and... new Pioneer LD player reviews. French articles...
See the articles page


Dragon's Lair "escape from Singe's castle" new "old" article added                      

Add Dragon's Lair, "escape from Singe's castle" french review for Amiga... back in 1990 !
See the articles page


Dragon's Lair & Space Ace new "old" articles added                                         

Add Dragon's Lair  & Space Ace Amiga french reviews
See the articles page


STAR WARS pachinko... now playing in the Nuno's Lair                                     

I Got the ultimate Japanese adult toy game : a Star Wars pachinko...
Star Wars pachinko


Dragon's Lair new "old" articles added                                                                 

Add Dragon's Lair adverstisings & a C64 reviews
See the articles page


Space Ace collector photos                                                                                        

Beautifull : Set of 8 'in games' Space Ace pictures, big size & printed on high quality photo paper.

Check the Collectibles  page


XEVIOUS ...alive, at least !!!                                                                           

I got that non-working game three month ago... Now Xevious rises again !
Xevious renovation completed


Dragon's Lair cab replica... by Luca (Italy)                                                                    

Amazing... New project from scracth ! Luca is fully building his own Dragon's Lair cab' replica... WOW !

Luca's cab project


Space Ace "the video game follow-up Dragon's Lair..."                                          

Back in 1984... Starburst talks about the new Indiana Jones movie... and report on animator Don Bluth's newest arcade video game, Space Ace
See the articles page


Another HUGE Dragon's Lair collector... in UK part III                                                    

Namfreak is back ! See his fully restored Cinematronics Dragon's Lair cab... and few very nice items^^

Check the Collectors page


Dragon's Lair Atari manual artworks : drawings & sketches                               

Found in the AtariGames website - document library - : orginal documents used to create the Dragon's Lair Atari manuals...

Drawing & Sketches


My Dragon's Lair II : Timewarp page is now... ONLINE                                                

This is it ! One of my best arcade game has now a full page in this website ! It's now located in the Nuno's Lair... UP & RUNNING ^^

Nuno's "Dragon's Lair II : Timewarp"


Another HUGE Dragon's Lair collector... in UK part II                                                      

Namfreak is back, this time with his high value artworks collection.Here's the second part of the "Namfreak beautifull Collection" : The Artworks !

Check the Collectors page


Another HUGE Dragon's Lair collector... in UK : Namfreak                                             

Have a look at the James 'Namfreak' collection, probably the second biggest collector of Don Bluth artworks in UK. Here's the first part of the "Namfreak Story" : getting the games... ^^

Check the Collectors page


Indiana Jones & the temple of Doom, a new game in my collection...                      

INDIANA JONES from Atari !!! I had a nice opportunity to get that game I used to play when I was kid, back in the good old days... Now 'playing' at the Nuno's Lair^^
Indiana Jones & the temple of Doom


Dragon's Lair : Koto - another mix...                                                                              

I've found a new mix of the "Dragon's Legend" Koto's song, remixed by Siegried.
On that remix version, the Daphne words are prononced by another girl, with an intrigate voice...

Check Music  page


Dragon's Lair : production desings & sketches                                                                  

Got a set of original animators copies of UNPUBLISHED DESIGNS & SKETCHES...

Check the Collectibles  page


The Dragon's Lair is ... in UK !                                                                                            

Have a look at the ultimate 'Dragon's Lair / Don Bluth' collector in the world... I met 'The Man', I met  Jason Finn ... in his UK Lair !!! A MUST SEE !!!



Playing Dragon's Lair on a Nintendo DS ?                                                                          

Check out the link below... for A Nintendo DS port of Dragon's Lair...
Opps, I have not a DS... so I can't test it :-(
Thanks to Ckilla for the news ^^

Dragon's Lair...on DS ?


my TRON is alive...                                                                                       

Have a look at this baby, now running & playable
 :-) *snake video preview inside *
Tron...Alive !!!

...may the dragon be with you...


Yeah ! For Christmas,I got a DRAGON'S LAIR II... and a Star Wars cockpit !!!       

Thanks to Santa to bring me a Dragon's Lair II, and also a Star Wars cockpit ^^
Mhhh, ok, in fact I've to pick them up by myself in ...UK ^^ Check the *ULTIMATE* RoadTrip now!!!

The Ultimate Quest For Dragon's Lair II & Star Wars cockpit



Gaming Room update...                                                                                  

Let there be
light :-) *snake video preview inside *
Gaming room construction


Dirk the Daring... the sculpt FINISHED                                                                             

This is it ! The wonderfull handmade sculpt of Dirk is finished. WOooaww ^^ Thanks to Jaz' for sharing this making-of, and of cours
e applause the creator ' Pencil P.' for this AMAZING and unique piece of art !!!

Fan's Lair section


The MOST beautifull Space Ace 91 cab ever seen...                                                       

Once again, Jason blows our eyes with something spectacular !!! Just have a look at  the pictures... of course inside the Finny's Lair :-D
Check the Collectors page


Dirk the Daring... in 3D Wooow !                                                                      

Wow... have a look at the Charlie Breakiron's Dirk 3D model. A must see !! Now we need the same job for a Daphne model ;-)
Fan's Lair section


Dragon's Lair "AOE Expo'83 report" article scan added                                          

Back in 1983... before the game release : ... the software for the game was said to be 80%completed ... few words about a great game to come...
See the articles page



Gaming Room update...                                                                                  

Yeah... this is it... the Gaming room is finished :-) Ok, I've to arrange all the stuff inside, put some decoration, more light, etc
*snake video preview inside *
Gaming room construction


Dirk the Daring... the sculpt UPDATED                                                                            

...Once again, thanks to Jason 'Finny UK' to share with us the WIP of an incredible incoming homemade sculpt of our hero Dirk the Daring... A true piece of art WOOW !!!

Fan's Lair section


Space Ace... Air Powered Rocket Gun                                                              

The original price is still on it : $2.67... Damned ! I pay more than that on ebay :-/

Check the Collectibles  page


Space Ace... Self-Inking Stamp Set                                                                

...After more than 20 years, do you think ink is still liquid ? ... ;-)

Check the Collectibles  page



XEVIOUS,a new games in my collection                                                           

XEVIOUS from Namco !!! The best 2D shooter ever made :-) And now it is mine :-)
OK, it's not working yet and it need some restoration. Here we go...
Xevious roadtrip + WIP


Space Ace... Dart Invaders toy                                                                      

...It's a little bit late for me to play with it huh ?

Check the Collectibles  page



Galaxian III Theater Experience... at home !                                                      

Owning a full size Galaxian3 theater at home seems almost impossible, but here is another way to enjoy Galaxian3 shooter ...
Galaxian III at home



TWO new games in my collection                                                                    

TURBO OUTUN cockpit & upright versions... Yes, I'm also a big Out Run fan ^^
Turbo Out Run duo roadtrip



Gaming Room update...                                                                                 

Glass fibre step is DONE... watch the actual status in VIDEO !!!
Gaming room construction


Dirk the Daring... the sculpt !!!                                                                       

...Once again, thanks to Jason 'Finny UK' to share with us the WIP of an incredible incoming sculpt of our hero Dirk the Daring...

Fan's Lair section


Fan's Lair section is online...                                                                          

...and the first entry is the beautifull 'homemade' Dragon's Lair cabinet done by Wamadeus.

Fan's Lair section



Gaming Room update...                                                                                  

It's time for glass fibre...
Gaming room construction


Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair for ... mobile !                                                            

Dirk the Daring, Princess Daphne, and Singe are back...on mobile!

This version is still not release yet, but have a look at the GameSpot preview.

Gamespot preview


NEW URL FOR DRAGON'S LAIR FANS WEBSITE !!!                                                

Well, I think it is time to use an appropriate domaine name for this website, so  :

www.dragonslairfans.com becomes

 The previous www.dragonslairfans.com still works, but not for long... so please update your bookmark

Feel free to comment this new website version on the forum


Dragon's Lair "New Concept in Arcade Video Gaming" article scan added                 

Back in 1984... Starburst interviews the Secret of Nimh animator/director Don Bluth on his revolutionary breakthrough in animated computer games.
See the articles page


Dragon's Lair & Space Ace performed by live symphony orchesta...                        

...around the USA during the Video Games Live concert event. Video Games Live is a new touring concert event that features music from the world’s most popular video games performed by top orchestras and choirs across North America, combined with amazing video segments from each of the games along with lasers and lights to create an immersive entertainment experience enjoyalbe for everyone...
Read the full article


Dragon's Lair serial #1 inside the best Dragon's Lair Gaming Room...     REVOLUTION 

Still more "Dragon's Lair dream" pictures from Jason. Focus on DL2 versions, original cels & background stuff ! Is there anyhing else to collect ? ;-)
Once again, thanks to him for sharing that tresor with the FANS :-)

Check the Collectors page



Gaming Room update...                                                                                  

This is it. All the plasterboards are now in place :-) A lot of work this week end...
Gaming room construction


Inside The Lair - the links page is available                                                        

See the best well-know 'offica'l links related to Dragon's Lair & laser disc  gaming univers
Check the Links page


Dragon's Lair serial #1 inside the best Dragon's Lair Gaming Room ever...  RELOADED 

As promise, Jason provides me more pictures of his mediation room ^^ Take a ride to his dedicated page in the Collectors section. You won't believe what you'll see... Do I have to collect Dragon's Lair stuff anymore after this ? Jason, I'm comiiiiinnnnggg !!!! ;-)
Thanks Thanks Thanks for sharing it with us :-)
Check the Collectors page


STARBLADE page is now available                                                                    

See all informations about this amazing 3D shooter. Watch the game running...  back in 91'
Discover the unrelease StarBlade 2 : Operation Blue Planet.
StarBlade  page



Space Ace / Dragon's Lair pins ... again !                                                          

It's copyright in 1983 by Magicom Inc. Very big size pins !
Check the Collectibles  page



Space Ace pins ... fashion item in 90's                                                              

Remember how it was cool to own pins in 90's. This one more than other of course:-)
Check the Collectibles  page


Dragon's Lair serial #1 inside the best Dragon's Lair Gaming Room ever...                 

Many thanks to finny for sending me few pictures of his 'Dragon's Lair Museum'
He's also the lucky owner of the Dragon's Lair Cab, serial number #1, owned by Don Buth himself !!!
Woooooww ^^
Check the Collectors page


Collectors section is available...                                                                       

...the first collector entry is IGORSTELLAR, and his masterpiece : "the Sidam Dragon's Lair cab"
Woooooww ^^
Check the Collectors page

Articles scan are online...                                                                               

...in the MEDIA - Articles section, in full size and readable :-)
Go to Articles section

The New Dragon's Lair Fans site is online                                                        

Two years after the second version, more than four years after the first one in 2001, here's the new Dragon's Lair Fans website version. I wasn't happy with the last one : the map of the site was confused, the frames had some display problems with sererals browsers ( best with Mozilla FireFox now )... and the general look of the site wasn't uniform...
I've used as template an existing Bluebyte website, keep only the colors theme and the castle picture and modified all the rest to have this result. I hope you'll like it:-)

I also would like to add 'outside the lair' content to my website, because I've so experiences, tricks and stories to share about arcade games collecting =)
All the categories from 'outside the lair' are just linked to the forum... It'll be a real pages soon.

All the content of the previous version are not available yet in this new version. Please be patient, all the missing stuff will be available soon... and of course many many more to come !
Once again, sorry for bad links... all will be fixed online & soon !

So... Stay Tuned ;-)

Darth Nuno

Feel free to comment this new website version on the forum


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