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Brian's Collection                                                                                                         


 Localisation : Near Atlantiv City NY - USA                                                  Status : June 2007


Mike's Collection                                                                                                          


 Localisation : Long Island NY - USA                                                             Status : Jan. 2008


Jason Finn's Dragon's Lair Museum features Dragon's Lair cab' serial #1 !!!          

Jason Finn (Finny) from UK sent me pictures his Dragon's Lair Museum

In this is part of his museum, there are over 22 Dragon's Lair, dragon's lair II and Space Ace cabs in total :

Oh my god...the perfect mediation room for all Dragon's Lair fan !!!

Here is Dragon's lair Serial #1 owned by Don Bluth, it has a lot of differences, the noticable ones are the
Control panel with the instruction on and the sideart which is larger and a lot different colour.
The Game is fully working with the original Player etc, you can see inside the cab on the 20th anniversary DVD :

The Holy Graal, the serial #1, Don Bluth himself owned that game !!!

few words in Retro Gamer mag

Here is Just a Part of his Laser Player Collection in the store Room :

That's what I call 'to have spares' 

              The "famous" life size Dirk                              other view of the Finny's Lair           

 An incredible vison ! All of them in a row         Atari European version 
al l All the laser disc, and also a load of nos...

Instructions directly on CPO on SN#1                                 Dragon's Lair II area  


           Computer & console DL versions, collectibles...  Credit text on top opposed to the side on the SN #1


Original poster Art and Original BG Lizard King Death node
Signed By Ron Dias one of the four BG artist that worked on DL and who painted the poster


this is a very large pan, its strange because we only get to see a little area of it in the actual game


Serial #1 Sideart, very different to the standard !

No more to say... Jason has the Holy Graal !

Jason's office, will be full of origibal BG when he get them back from the framers... and the toilet !

This is all 3 DLII's version that were ever made : Brent Leisure (UK), Electronolo (Italian)  & Leland (USA)

DLII Game & Atract Mode storyboards..
.as you can see the Black Beard drawing that was later  deleted from the game

A 6ft Pan from the ending of DLII where everyone is on the time machine... and others DL2 HUGE Pans

Start of the very long framed Attract Mode to DL "story Boards"... and the rest on the wall

Others original DL BG & cel set ups ...
and just some of Jason's spare games in the stock room


This is another Jason's MASTERPIECE ! I just can watch these cab' images  and... cry !

Space Ace 91 NOS Kit / signed by Don Bluth & Gary G.
Custom Side & Front Arts  / Chrome T-molding
All metal sand blasted, polished & chromed


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 NEW : I was there... take a ride into the Dragon's Heaven !!!

Namfreak's Dragon's Lair Collection - UK                                                       

James (Namfreak) is nothing less than the second UK biggest collector of Don Bluth Artworks
Of course, he's the lucky owner of the 'Don Bluth Arcade Games Trilogy : "
Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II & Space Ace (dedicated) " the perfect combo !!!

Part I : getting the games

James 'Namfreak' : "Jason, Myself and a couple of other UK collectors imported a 40' container full of arcade games we had bought from an Illinois operator, in August."

     the "famous"Jason                                     Unloading the container

Yes, the complete Bluth Trilogy : Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II & Space Ace !!! Bonus : a Turbo Out Run ^^


The games sitting in my garage. The OutRun works but has no sound, The DL2 works. The DL does not work (yet!) and my pride and joy - the dedi SA is currently undergoing a full and extensive restoration!

Part II : Artworks...

"Dragon's Lair original artwork collection, direct from the Don Bluth studio in Phoenix, Arizona!
All of this I either had signed personally by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman while I was there, or like Jason, I had them send it to me after they had signed it." Namfreak


Giddy Goon from the attract mode. Original background and cel set-up.  Restored Dragon's Lair and artwork

The "Wind Room", and the Lizard King... both original background & cel setup


"Fan's favourite" #61/100. Cel and laser copied background  Dirk plunges the sword into Singe. Original background  / cel set-up

Falling platform. Original background and "bridge" cel, but no Dirk! I bought it because the detail and ambience of the background just blew me away
Snake Room. Original background and cel set-up. Don Bluth studios airbrushed a replacement "mist" cel for me as the 1983 original was damaged. I am very grateful to them for this as the mist completes the look of this scene.

Giddy Goons death node from the lost footage, Dragon's Lair poster next to the cabinet

sPart III :  collectibles... and THE cab'


Dragon's Lair poster for Super Nintendo, poster signed by Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy and Rick Dyer.


DL merchandise; Action figures, SNES and Gameboy versions of DL, Fleer sticker cards. +
DL merchandise; Lunchbox and flask signed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, DL flipbooks and DL3D keyring.

That Dragon's lair 3D promotional box was given out to software retailer representatives at trade shoes.  All details here

My restored Cinematronics Dragon's Lair cabinet, serial No. 1532


Cabinet features side art signed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman

Control panel restored with overlay by Arcade Renovations.

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See also "Dirk the Daring...in chocolate"


Igorstellar's Collection - Italy                                                                                    

Igorstellar from Italy sent me pictures of his laser disc arcade games collection, includes :

Dragon's Lair (Atari Euro Cab')
Cliff Hanger
Fire Fox
Space Ace
...and Dragon's Lair (Atari by Sidam) - Italian version cab', ultra rare !!!






IgorStellar :

Thanks for post my photo !!!!
she has been difficult to have all the cabs that you see !!!
the sidam cab has been restored ( new DX side new Front pannel new coin door )
this cab has been produced only for the Italy 
inside there is the same hardware of the atari version ( PCB and Philips laser player ...)
in this cab there is currently the game Super don quix oter  ( it is possible to restore dragon's lair in any moment )


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